Question the narrative

On May 6, 2018

I got a message from a Facebook friend that read,
“Do you know about this?”
She added a link to,
and that’s how my Q journey began …



It’s December 1st, 2018 — Saturday.

A flurry of posts overnight  from Q.  Former President George H.W. Bush is dead. Speculation is rampant, but I’m going to try and stick to FACTS as I report on what is undeniably history in the making.

I’ve been learning over the past seven months to Q-uestion the narratives at every turn on this highway of information (and misinformation) involving the Special Operations Unit known as Qanon. I’m not mentally capable of doing the “decodes” that are necessary when considering the clues in each “Drop.” So I’m extremely grateful to the volunteer researchers, “anons” and “autists” who spend untold hours seeking to understand the often complicated clues and photos as they are posted.

Where to begin?

I will not attempt to convince individuals who are determined to believe that Q is a hoax. And the “bottom line” on all of this has not yet been completely revealed. But what has been made clear is the FACT that there is a shadow government pulling strings in ways that the reasonable mind can’t fathom. It is called the Illuminati (plus other less conspicuous titles), and I’m going to tell you about ONE of their most visible members — George Herbert Walker Bush.

It took me several days to intermittently watch this entire video, and I’m not good at remembering details, so I suggest you start at the 2:37:00 time marker to hear for yourself the excellent research that reveals the flip side to America’s former President. (2014)

Here are a few facts gleaned from the portion relating to G.H.W. Bush …
  • George H.W. Bush was working for the CIA at the time of Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963. He had claimed he had begun in 1977.
  • Video offers absolute proof that Bush was behind the murders of potential witnesses to the Kennedy plot.
  • Bush’s CIA code name was “Poppy.”
  • Prescott Bush,  GHWB’s  father, created the CIA.
“All institutions of the American government are essentially a gangster syndicate.” (Video Narrator)
  • Joe Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy family, was deeply involved with the Mafia. Perhaps that is why the remaining sons chose not to dig deeper and make public the details of what many witnesses declared to be true about what happened right before their eyes.
  • The U.S. military has been completely controlled by the American Mafia. (However, Q has shown us in numerous ways that there have been “good guys” in the mix throughout the past 55 years leading up to Donald Trump’s incredible election win over Hillary Clinton in November 2016.)
“The mob and the CIA took care of JFK together because we’re two sides of the same coin.” — Sam Giancana
  • The CiA and the Mob are now so integrated that they have become indistinguishable entities.
  • The combined cult was responsible for distributing drugs and has become known in the Third World as the Cocaine Importing Agency.
  • According to the CIA website, “George H.W. Bush’s tenure as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) marked a turning point for the Agency as it came out of a period of great controversy. He is credited with restoring focus and boosting morale, and he remains one of the most beloved directors in the Agency’s history.”

I think that is enough to give a general idea of the oxymoron that George H.W. Bush morphed into before he retired, started endearing himself to Americans, and began jumping out of airplanes in his 90’s. It should also give one pause to challenge the “facts” that the MSM is now (and will be in days and weeks to come)  reporting about the man’s character and integrity.

Keep in mind that this is merely a thumbnail sketch of one man’s biography and connections to the CIA. Now fast forward to events that are currently unfolding.

President Donald Trump replaced John Brennen with Mike Pompeo, then he replaced Pompeo (now Sec. of State) with Gina Haskell.

In closing this segment, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS …

Q has proven many times that our POTUS understands the tarnished history of the CIA, which seems to operate independent of the Justice Department, run by the United States Attorney General. (That’s what I surmise. I could be wrong — it’s confusing.)

Right now we are watching as ALL of the former heads of government agencies under Barack Obama are under scrutiny for their parts in the debunked Russia Investigation, which has sought to undermine President Trump.

As I mentioned earlier, THE ILLUMINATI CONNECTION must be factored in, but that’s another HUGE can of worms that I will address in a separate article.

My purpose here is to help my readers QUESTION THE NARRATIVE — whatever that may be — as we listen to news reports, watch the elaborate funeral theater that’s required for former Presidents, and learn more from Q as we approach December 5th.

More about that to come.