Prayer Warriors …

December 30, 2020

I had a wonderful Christmas Day with ALL of my kids and grandkids! I had been doing VERY WELL, and the cancer in my skeleton was “stable.” I was able to walk without my walker for long distances, THEN on Christmas Day afternoon, I tumbled in our front yard onto concrete. I broke my fall by reaching out for the rod iron gate before hitting the concrete on my right side and elbow.

Fortunately, my daughter-in-law was nearby, and she helped me stand up. Over the next couple of days, I had ups and downs. It seems that I may have fractured more bones, but I will wait for my next bone scan, the end of January. I DO NOT want to return to the hospital during the “COVID epidemic.”

I am no longer taking any cancer meds. And my skeletal cancer is still “stable.” More bone scans late in January 2021.

Thank you, so much for your continued prayers. If you know of anyone who was following me on Facebook, please let them know that I was suspended on October 1, 2020 — ALL of my groups, as well as my followers globally — were removed before I could let everyone know what was happening.

I am now using my husband’s account (Charles Yingst), and Prophecy Connections has begun again under my husband’s name. So I would love to hear from anyone who cares to connect with me again.

Also, I can be reached at


January 1, 2020 (Wednesday)

I got some encouraging news over the weekend. Chuck heard from 2 individuals who have taken Ibrance, cancer drugs for other forms of cancer. Both reported that it was effective treatment, and there were very few side effects. If you have any experience with Ibrance, please email me:  with IBRANCE on the subject line.

We also discovered that rather than 4 mg per steroid pill (I was taking 2 per day), each pill was 8mg! My oncologist had prescribed a weaker steroid that makes it easier to wean off what I was taking, and we had filled that prescription at the time of my first appointment with Dr. Nasrati. But somehow the bottle of pills had ended up pushed to the very back of a drawer, We did not remember anything about it.

Finding that lost bottle was a game changer. And the way we found it actually seemed orchestrated by something greater than chance. Pretty amazing.

The first 21 days of Ibrance is due to arrive  by mail on Thursday. I won’t be able to stop taking the steroid by then, but I’m now thinking it will help to still have the steroid to help  calm my shaking.


Blessings to you,



I need to ask for specific prayer. I learned from my new oncologist that I have been taking a powerful steroid medication without knowing it since my surgery in early October. I understand that I need to get off of it. However, yesterday it became obvious that I will have to go through withdrawal until I wean myself off of it. I need wisdom and self-control. I am currently very unstable physically. I’m not sure how long this will take, but I’m hoping to put off starting the prescribed chemo meds until I am successfully weaned off the steroids. Another challenge. Another opportunity to trust my God and my prayer warriors. Thank you in advance. 🙏❤️


October 22, 2020

I have been trying to keep up with the pace since COVID-19 was declared a “pandemic,” so updating about myself has gone by the wayside. In addition, On October 1, my Facebook account was closed by the administrators, including my groups, so I’ve lost most of the connections I have made since I joined — several thousand worldwide. That was devastating. Now, I am going through tests to find out if my cancer has progressed or is stable.

Blood work yesterday showed that the cancer still has not ventured into my liver or kidneys. That’s especially good news, since I am no longer taking any of the recommended cancer medications that I was on earlier this year. Next week I will have a bone scan and CT scan on October 27th to check the cancer within my skeleton. I’ve been receiving bone strengthening IVs that seem to be working well. My left femur is strong enough to support my weight now, and I’m able to walk short distances without my walker. THAT IS A BIG DEAL!

I would like to be able to update my blog to include more of the COVID and USA presidential race details. I’m feeling quite lacking in relation to such a goal, but when I compare now with how far I’ve come since last year at this time, I have to say that I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplished on this venue.

Hopefully I’ll get make it back here soon with much less of a time gap than there has been up to. As always, I covet your prayers!