Lucifer: Landlord of planet earth!


Friends, I’m down to 128 pounds from 160, and I can hear my bones making cracking sounds. once the cancer leaves my bones. I will not have much time. I will post as I can. 



Author Hal Lindsey first introduced me to the concept of Lucifer as the “LANDLORD OF PLANET EARTH.”

This is a story that must be told when I am fully alert and not shaking like a leaf, as I am right now. Today is April 27th, 2019, and yesterday I was made aware that today is being highlighted  in San Diego County, southern California,  by The San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women & Girls Presents with an annual symposium all about Combating Violence Against Women & Girls.   

Over the past 11 months since I’ve been following the special military operation known as Qanon, I’ve learned waaaay more than I ever wanted to know about violence against women and young girls. I’ve also been DIGGING DEEPER (in obedience to the Holy Spirit) and becoming educated about Lucifer worshipers, satanic child sacrifice  ceremonies, and the process of draining blood from terrified infants (called adrenochrome) for the purpose of administering infusions to folks who want to look younger — not a rabbit hole that I would have chosen to hop into, but I’ve been through this before in my journey with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “No” does not qualify as an acceptable answer, usually.

This will be a space holder page that I intend to get back to as soon as possible. But for now (this very moment in time) the Spirit has given me an unexpected assignment, which I will begin writing via posts underneath this page heading, so that my readers can find the information in files as I fill them. Just place your cursor on the title, “Lucifer: Landlord of planet earth!” and a panel will drop down with file listings.

For those who have subscribed to my blog through WordPress, you will receive an email notification about this page BEFORE I have written and posted the ensuing files that I will add as I finish the articles within them. So I appreciate your patience!

Most sincerely, Paula