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May 6, 2021

(Response to a friend on Facebook.)

I was reminded during the night that I HAVE been telling, everyone who makes time to read my posts and watch the videos within my blog, about all of thos stuff.

All of this is out there for those who will believe me. It is breaking my heart that my husband, my daughter, and family members do not want to hear what I have learned from alternative medicine doctors, that all of these things are happening. (I do not blame them, however.)

The masks are a BIG DEAL! And there will come a time when we WILL have to choose to listen to God’s word over what modern culture is telling us. Lisa and Tim say, “I can’t lose my job!” and I understand that. The girls listen to their mother on EVERYTHING, which is not a bad thing, but we are to a point where we must each  KNOW  and decide for ourselves which things are true and which are false!

I understand that God’s words can be confusing, especially since the culture in which they were written, compared with the times in which we live today, are so very different. INTERPRETATION DIFFICULTIES can cause confusion among people in the various societies in which we have lived. They are often bitterly argued and contested. Books are written and speeches given to make known opinions from people who make large sums of money through publication and speaking engagements. It’s maddening! (So many of them have been absolutely certain that they are correct — including me.)

The masks are causing sickness. They may harbor bacteria that can cause pneumonia and other newly discovered agents, which can create never before seen illnesses. (Or things that are being covered up by communist governments who want us to fall prey to GLOBALISM.)

The blue masks may have particles of asbestos sewn inside them, according to medical professionals who, like me, are called conspiracy theorists and are being silenced in various ways.

I can hear the Holy Spirit speaking, and He is telling me that I need to get this information out to as many as possible, yet I have “chickened out.”  I removed an invitation, which I posted in MY KINDA RUSTY SPACE to anyone who knows me personally, and who may want to come to my home and meet with me for a time of sharing. That act of faith made me so nervous, I’ve been shaking and feeling teary for 3 days.

Some of you know how I am about talking to people concerning these things, and how I can ramble on and on. I’ve been rejected by pastors and individuals within church groups for many years. Certain folks simply don’t want to listen to my knowledge and thoughts about prophecy. (And I have at times been interested in hearing what they have to say.) Others can’t SEE anything happening, so they reject the messages.

And now this COVID quarentine crap. Excuse me, but my heart is breaking over all the death and heartbreak that many are suffering because they can’t see their loved ones and to hug them before they die.

I’ve become unable to meet with people face-to-face over many years. My cancer, physical therapy, and Palliative therapies were excruciating for many months, because I wanted to share about WHY I was hurting. I’m grateful to all who have been willing to listen to me talk about my journey.

SO, now I’m going to try again. Please let me know if you would like to meet with me to hear about unsettling things that may be coming SOON. And understand that I know these things may be hard — even impossible — for you to hear from me. But here goes …

Here is my connection information. You are welcome to call me — though I seriously HATE talking on the phone — at 760-529-7794. And you may text me using this number. If it comes up as a number that I don’t recognize, immediately send it again, so I can begin to recognize the number. You may also email me me at, and I will try my best to remember to check this alternate email address daily.

I asked that people send a note to our appliance store, which would be forwarded to me. If you did that,  it hasn’t reached me yet. It will eventually get here, but until then, you may use one of these other means of contact.

Here are some pressing topics and issues …

1.  The coming “beast” ATM machines (supercomputers)

2.  Prophets whom I have come to trust, and their prophecies of eminent concern

3.  COVID warnings from prominent (but unheard) — alternative medicine experts

4.  Discussion about the implications of the word SOON

5.  Prophecies that contain the word SOON.

6.  Examples of demonic influence across America

7.  Who is fighting to reveal TRUTH about the 2020 election?

I’m shaking, but please forgive my emotions, Lord God. May this come about only if it is YOUR WILL. Amen.


May 5, 2021

As I was dropping deeper and deeper into depression, this thought came into my mind:




Please share this  on your social media sites!


Do what you like with this. I feel better now. Let’s DEFEAT COMMUNISM!


May 1, 2021

SEVEN miraculous happenings …

April 29, 2021

Wow, it’s almost the END OF APRIL!

I’ve been off-line for a few days while recuperating from CANCER SCANS. Here’s the good news … the scans showed no cancer in my brain and limited changes from my bone scans that were done in January.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. I believe our Lord has been hearing you and responding!

Also, I’ve added a new page to the primary menu in the header banner: New News (from various sources) …

New News (from various sources) …

Click on the square above to access.

And I want to recommend “LT and As We Know” for amazing videos that will also give you updates on situations like the audit going on in Miracopa County to forensic audit the ballots cast there on (and following) the November 6th election. Here is a link to their most recent video update:

If the video does not show here, you can copy and paste the link into your browser window. These reports are outstanding and will keep you posted faster than I can. Things are happening — slowly, but they ARE happening in the legal realm, which is what President Trump has been waiting for! So keep watching and hoping (MAGA rallies are returning ASAP!)

Blessings from Paula


April 11, 2021

Whoa. I have a lot to share — some of it not rusty, some of it kinda rusty, and some VERY RUSTY.

I had an MRI of my skull on Friday, because I’m clearly NOT keeping my words straight, like words getting mixed up, and like sounding like a tape recorder playing SIDEWAYS. Also I stop in the middle of sentences without saying the last few words that I intended to say. Well, you get the idea.

SO here’s the NOT RUSTY PART: I learned after the MRI that I do NOT have CANCER IN my brain. 

And  here’s the KINDA RUSTY PART: My cancer antigen from my blood tests was HIGHER than last time I had blood taken.

I saved this until last because IT IS VERY RUSTY, and you don’t have to watch it if you do not feel led to….   (You’ll need to copy and past into your browser window.)

The last one concerns things that I’ve been learning about over the past 4 years. Just a taste of what is going on in the world around us. PLUS THIS: Prince Phillip died a few days ago, and I learned that he was a member of the TWO Black Eyes Club. Not just the ONE Black Eye Club, which indicates admittance to gatherings that include devil worship. I assume having your other eye punched admits one to gatherings where even more evil is included.

Okay … yes, I’ve been exposed to some pretty GNARLY STUFF. But it’s only because God’s Spirit said to me, in  March of 2018,  Dig deeper.  I asked, “Why.  I’m not that kind of woman.”. 

He replied, DIG DEEPER.   So I did as I was told.

I began discovering things I’d never known about before in my Christian journey. I learned about CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, and pizza parlors that were NOT WHAT THEY SEEMED (hidden  paedophilia “parlors”).  And that many CELEBRITIES, whom I would never have guessed, are into ALL of that stuff.  God’s Spirit NEEDED me to know all of that.

I figured out why. Christians like me( before the encounter) were not listening for His voice.  In contrast, I had just been taken through a BAPTISM BY FIRE in my personal life that had prepared me to hear His voice, absolutely.

And so, if you want to know more about the stuff that is HAPPENING  IN OUR WORLD  … IN YOUR STATE … IN YOUR CITY … IN YOUR VILLAGE.

And this — plus more — WILL BE REVEALED TO THE WORLD … soon … when the 2020 election is overturned, and it is revealed that Donald John Trump IS still our legitimate President.



March 23, 2021

Feeling especially “rusty” this morning, but my heart is encouraged by the voice of God’s Spirit, giving me permission to lay even more of my burdens at His feet. My Facebook account was banished  on October 1, 2020 because I would not agree to their “updated” protocols. So I used Chuck’s information to create a new one. The Spirit impressed on me that I am not to post anything more to that account — Charles Yingst — and that I could stop writing there. I will be allowed to answer messages on Messenger and continue posting Bible studies for my Prophecy Connections groups. I’ve asked everyone who wants to keep communicating with ME to visit my blog and see what I’ve posted there.

I have learned that there are things that I was told early on, after my bone cancer diagnosis, that the cancer is not as widespread as I assumed. My definition of “throughout” my skeleton was different from reality. I asked for a printout of my last bone images on my last visit with Dr. Kased at the Scripps radiation treatment center. I was assuming that “throughout” meant advancing through every part of my skeleton. In actuality, there are various-sized SPOTS of cancer IN my skeleton. For example, in my skull, there are 3 very obvious areas that I consider threatening. The cancer has advanced throughout my spinal column and into my pelvis bones. But there is NO CANCER in my arms or legs, just fibromyalgia aches and pains, which I barely notice anymore. So that’s GOOD NEWS.

I’m going to spend the afternoon editing the layout and contents of my blog — remove some things and add articles as I feel led. My blessings to everyone who makes time to read this and shoot up an arrow prayer for me. Please let me know on my Facebook group, Prophecy Connections, if you need me to pray for you. Or send me an email at


February 10, 2021

On Monday, I walked into a Walmart for the first time in 18 months — or any store for that matter. What an “eye candy” experience! I went to a hospital with pain in my leg back in October 2020 and got home just before Thanksgiving.  A  very  painful  experience!

Now, I can look back and see many things that God wanted me to see throughout that experience. NOT FUN, but I want to encourage anyone who is struggling right now with thoughts of fear and depression. I hope you will consider reading my Kindle edition book, My Armor’s Kinda Rusty and feel encouraged.

I believe now that God has spoken through me to hurting hearts and minds.

If you feel it starts kinda slow, please flip to Chapter 5: Which Way’s The Enemy? That’s where I jumped into information concerning the occult and facts that are sure to amaze you, if you have not yet heard of the ILLUMINATI.

Be blessed!




February 5, 2021

Never a dull moment …

My bone cancer is flaring in my spine in one middle vertebrae. UGH!   I was doing great with no medication. Now I’m going back on medication and having 10 radiation treatments on that spot.

My son-in-law has been diagnosed with cancer on his vocal chords and will be having 30 days of radiation asap. It seems MANY people are now disbelieving the COVID hoax and must get in to see their doctors as quickly as possible. Hard to make appointments!

On the up side … hard to think of an up side. There’s been less illness in our family, since we’ve been staying away from people during flu / cold season. On the down side, MANY individuals are TIRED OF THE MASK THING! Beyond ready to be back to “NORMAL” — if that can ever happen again.

I sincerely miss my Kentucky kids, and I miss President Donald Trump. The idiot in the White House is signing executive orders left and right, right and left, abandoning conservative values and (I’m sure) making the all-powerful Lord God extremely unhappy.

Check out the file on the right that talks about weather anomalies that have occurred during the GHW Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. I’ll get to the catastrophic events that happened within the George W Bush years, but I’m feeling less motivated now that MY PRESIDENT is not in the news much. Trust me, there are A LOT of strange weather events during his term as he disrespected Israel, just as those in the Oval Office did before him.

In the meantime, please get a copy of Eye To Eye, Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel by William Koenig. My source information comes from that remarkable book. Here’s a link:

Omg! I see that it’s selling on Amazon for $30 plus, so you may want to try alternative sources. Amazing how reading about current events, matched with prophecy connections, is a HUGE THING right now.

Check out Bloodlines of the Illuminati and try not to fall out of your chair when you see the price. People are thirsty for answers. And that’s why these books are rising in price — higher demand.

Maybe I should UP the price of my e-book?

My Armor's Kinda Rusty ... Encouragement for Weary Warriors

A LOT of this information is available in the latter chapters!

Starting radiation this afternoon, so that’s all for now.



Wow. Looks like I’m going to make it through another day! … Not something to take for granted, for sure.

Lots has happened since I last posted here. I expected that I would write in this “rusty space” relatively often. Turns out, like most of my efforts to journal over the years, that the key word here is RELATIVELY.

Hanging on to God’s promises and the wonderful Christmas memories that I made with my kids and grands in December. Not sure that I will make it to the 2021 Christmas season, but I’ve been learning that you just never know what the Father and His Son have in mind from day to day.

Hard to fathom that I wrote My Armor’s Kinda Rusty  back in 2012. I do believe, however, that the truths which God’s Spirit spoke through me then are just as relevant now. The next Shemitah year begins in September 2022. I’ve yet to get a grip on the details, but one thing I can be sure of, it WILL HAPPEN with or without me.

Some suggested reading between now and then:

1. The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn (also published in 2012)

2. The Harbinger Companion  (2013)

3. The Harbinger II  (2020)

And if you’d like to take a look at my e-book, you can find it on Amazon (still … I think).

Counting my blessings!




Feeling frail. Not at all sure of myself today. Can anyone relate? All of my Facebook friends have been taken away. My account and groups no longer exist. Chuck is … somewhere out of cell phone range. I’m letting fears rule over my thoughts and emotions. Feel very alone, even though I know that my Prayer Warriors remember me. I’m not able to get feedback from them. Lord, I’m wondering how my life will end, though I’m actually doing well physically. Hold me. Hug me. Remind me of who you are and why it is that you have loved me all these years. Thank you.

Welcome to my private place — my “rusty space” —

where you will find nuggets about my private life, my deepest thoughts,

and this and that … depending on the moment.

The name for this section of my blog comes from the devotional that I published through Westbow Press in December of 2012 titled, My Armor’s Kinda Rusty … Encouragement for Weary Warriors. I will be sharing from those writings periodically when my muse leads me in that direction. In my book, I shared a lot of personal insights that I believed might be helpful to others. Writing about things that I remember from my childhood through my teen years and reflecting on the world through the eyes of an 18-year-old bride in the 1970s proved therapeutic for me in areas of remembrance and mental struggle.

When I got to the parts about raising a daughter and a son  (and eventually accepting a second son and additional daughter into my world) while my husband remained captivated with running a family business from morning until night and practicing  jack-of-all-trades projects on the side, that too was emotionally freeing.

As I recounted experiences that were unique to my birth children, which took me on physical trips from Southern California to Phoenix, Arizona, and on mental journeys to Mexico and Central America — where my kids journeyed but I did not. I thought I was prepared for pretty much anything. Then came the part where my husband and I left our barely 18-year-old Jonathan alone in New York City to pursue his dream of making it big under bright lights. That’s when my emotional maturity took a back seat to spiritual growth.

I am continually amazed by how God manages to take me one step further than I thought I would ever voluntarily go. I have experienced moments of euphoria and depths of depression. I have become buried in crippling sadness and raised to mountaintop heights. I have thought I’d seen just about everything only to find there exists in this world horrors and unfairness that my naive mind could never have imagined on its own. Indeed, my loving heavenly Father waited until I had reached my 60s to reveal to  me unthinkable things that others were experiencing … in real time.

I am crafting this introductory page on September 23, 2018 at 9 pm PST with my 5-year-old Australian Shepherd “resting” at my feet — highly unusual for her constantly busy demeanor. I’ve just come from an inspiring evening church service, where I realized that I have lived what the pastor referred to as “accepting the hard road as opposed to choosing it.”

I am a writer whose path in life has reflected more begrudging acceptance than actual choice. I am a daughter of the Most High King and sister of the One who endured an excruciating death in my place as payment to Lucifer — the “morning star” and current landlord of planet Earth — for my eternal freedom with Him in paradise. My spiritual armor is damaged and rusty. But I look forward with great anticipation to the new body clothed in LIGHT that awaits me at my ultimate destination.

I have much to share with whoever is willing to make time to read what I’ve written and displayed here on this website. I invite you to journey with me, all the while remembering that you and I are imperfect, despite our most courageous efforts to grow into what our culture considers perfection. But as members of humankind, we each have unique bits of encouragement to offer to others.

Be blessed and BE A BLESSING to someone while today is still being called TODAY!

NHIM,  Paula Yingst

P.S. You can find my e-book on if your curiosity leads you to read it.


My Armor's Kinda Rusty ... Encouragement for Weary Warriors by [Yingst, Paula Meiners]


Divine Guidance

(from My Armor’s Kinda Rusty)

“Man without God is a beast,
 and never more beastly than when
 he is intelligent about his beastliness.”
—  Whittaker Chambers

It was January 1995. Fibromyalgia symptoms had begun attacking my body and mind one year earlier, nearly to the day, and I’d undergone every test that my doctors and specialists had been willing to order for me. I still did not have a satisfying diagnosis and wouldn’t get one for another six months. Once again, I felt like I was doing battle with some unidentified, relentless foe.

Lisa was back at college in Phoenix after Christmas break. Jonathan was on the treadmill toward high school graduation. For years I had convinced myself that I would be overjoyed when that moment finally arrived, but now I was realizing that I would miss the delightful madness of my volunteer work with teens. And since I didn’t know what was happening with my health, my future as an “empty nester” seemed much more bleak than I’d been willing to consider up to that point.

That winter afternoon I was at a loss for something to do. My immediate desire was to crawl back into bed and cover my head with pillows … many pillows. But I knew that wasn’t the route I should take. Then I remembered the gift certificate to the Christian store in town that Jon had given me for Christmas. I’d tucked it away and had all but forgotten about it. A shopping trip would hopefully relieve my doldrums. So I located my shoes and purse and dragged my sorry self off to the car.

When I entered the store, I felt surprisingly underwhelmed. Ordinarily, I would have immediately noticed any number of things that I wanted to buy, only to realize that I didn’t have enough money. Or I wanted to browse but didn’t have the time. Now I had both time and a generous gift certificate, but absolutely nothing clamored for my attention.

I strolled past aisles of books, stationary, gifts and artwork. Then I started over and did the walk-through thing again. Nothing – nada – seemed of any interest to me. I was just about ready to exit the store, when my eyes drifted toward a corner shelf filled with books and labeled “PROPHECY.”

My first impulse was to turn away. I was not in any way interested in the opinions of men who were convinced they knew the mind of God concerning the future. I actually felt a mild swell of bitterness toward the authors. But then I felt a gentle urging…. Go check it out. I want you to….

As I walked closer, my eyes were drawn to two books in particular. One was Planet Earth: 2000 A.D. by Hal Lindsey. The other was A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt. I remembered that, when I was a kid, I’d seen a book lying around my grandma’s house called, The Late Great Planet Earth, also by Hal Lindsay. But I had no idea who Dave Hunt was, and at that moment I could not have cared less.

A small spark of curiosity encouraged me to step up to the plate, pull the books down and flip through them…. Interesting. So, since I had not found anything else that I’d even remotely wanted to purchase, I decided that these would do. And as a result, I was introduced to the pre-tribulation rapture theory and a select history of the Catholic Church.

When spring rolled around, I accepted an invitation to go shopping at an outlet mall about a 45-minute drive from my home. I was still struggling with pain and unanticipated onsets of fatigue, so I wasn’t actually convinced that I should tag along. Once again I had nothing in mind that I was shopping for.

We came upon a bookstore, and as I was strolling and browsing, the same thing happened that I’d experienced at the Christian store in town. Two more random books commanded my attention! The first was The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church by Marvin Rosenthal. The second was written by Robert Van Kampen and titled, The Sign. The subject matter of both newly found books seemed very different from what I’d been reading in Hal Lindsey’s book. I felt burdened to buy them – and after all, they were deeply discounted.

Those four books and my Bible became my companions as the debilitating “fibro” symptoms pulled me away from the company of family and friends. I was hard-pressed to stay awake during the day, but when night rolled around I was wide-eyed. So I would sit in my favorite recliner and read and read and read. I’ve never been a fast reader, but that didn’t matter. Nights can seem unbearably long when there is no relief from physical pain. Fastidious reading helped to occupy my troubled mind.

As time dragged on toward the beginning of a new century, it became apparent that I’d been led to those books for a purpose. I just had to figure out what God wanted me to do with the information. 

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.'”

(Isaiah 55:8)


Think about it: “The supernatural is the native air of Christianity.” — Dora Greenwell

Copyright 2012