GOD IS SPEAKING … are you listening?

Today is Friday, May 24th 2019, and I hear God speaking, not only me but to WHOEVER WILL LISTEN!
This morning, Mark Taylor, co-author of The Trump Prophecies posted this comment on Twitter …
 Mark Taylor @patton6966
“Coincidence that Missouri was hit with Tornadoes right after they signed the abortion bill? That same line of storms had Tornado warning in DC yesterday right before Trump gave ok for declass. The enemy is trying to intimidate. It won’t work, your a defeated enemy! Victory! …”
TODAY will soon become YESTERDAY, then LAST WEEK, then LAST MONTH, then LAST YEAR … I’m sure you get the idea.  Today and in days recently passed, there have been damaging and life threatening tornadoes across the midwest section of the United States AND INTO WASHINGTON D.C.
THIS MONTH is the coldest May in decades, dropping inches to feet of snow on Colorado, especially Denver.
ISRAEL is experiencing raging wildfires due to weather conditions happening in “God’s chosen nation.” 
President Donald Trump is preparing to gather with  authorities from a number of relevant countries to present (yet another) proposition for for PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, as U.S. ships are deployed near Iran.
And this headline just came across my computer screen:

Trump says sending 1500 troops to Middle East for ‘mostly protective’ purposes

This post will act as an introductory page to a file that I’m adding to my blog, so I won’t comment any further. But stay tuned for MUCH MORE, and join me for a deeper look at weather anomaly connections to world events, PRESENT and PAST — divinely timed to coincide with historic events.
GOD IS SPEAKING … are YOU listening?