Evil in the Most (seemingly) Unlikely Places …

Have you noticed?

Today is September 7,  2020, less than 2 months until the election to choose the next President of the United States. Somehow, though, it seems much BIGGER than that.  It’s like having to choose someONE who MIGHT BE  capable of knowing what’s best for the entire WORLD.

If you have a REALLY BUSY LIFE, and in your world it often seems like DAY —> night —> DAY –> night … then perhaps you don’t watch (fake) news on TV or Internet. If you feel like I used to feel (not wanting to be “on” Twitter because of the “COARSE nature” of that social media site), then I absolutely understand WHY you might choose not to spend time there.

It’s as though EVIL is overcoming GOOD. It’s like the things of GOD are being ATTACKED in ways we have not seen before in our lifetimes. And whether you are (less than) one or (more than) 100, you may sense what’s happening. It’s all around us — electronic devices in stores, in strollers, in public, and perhaps in (what should be) your private space.

BUT — there’s that horrible word again — but if you are a JESUS FOLLOWER, and YOU CAN FEEL the Holy Spirit drawing you deep and DEEPER still into something that makes you VERY uncomfortable, you’re in the right place.

It all starts in ONE PLACE … with the Illuminati.

Let’s explore this together.