Daniel’s third great beast!


(Based on Daniel 7, New International Version and BibleGateway.com)

Here is Ken Raggio’s take on the third beast, described in Daniel 7 …


Daniel’s THIRD Beast
A Four-headed Leopard With Wings of a Fowl

by Ken Raggio

Four-head Leopard

The Four-headed Leopard with the Wings of a Fowl

With the birth of the Holy Roman Empire, another prophetic picture began to take shape: the four-headed leopard with wings of a fowl (Daniel 7:6). No other country in history has been more prominently identified with a leopard than Germany. In the past century, the German LEOPARD tanks played major roles in World War II. In all my thousands of hours of Bible research, I have never seen ANY other nation that is more accurately associated with the LEOPARD.

French Rooster

Amazingly, the symbol of France is a fowl—the ROOSTER. From postage stamps to gold coins, the French Rooster is universally recognized. The Holy Roman Empire can be recognized as a leopard with wings of a fowl – Germany and France, both being powerfully manipulated from Rome.


The graphic below depicts the four successive REICHS – the FOUR HEADS – of Europe (The German/French Motherland).

1. Holy Roman Empire; 2. German Empire; 3. Hitler’s Third Reich; 4. European Union

Four Reichs

At the beginning (in 800 AD), Charlemagne was a strong Germanic leader. From there, he conducted empire over Europe. One of his leading accomplishments was the unification of France. Historians say that the Holy Roman Empire was the incubator for both modern Germany and modern France. The Franco-German Alliance is at the heart of the European Union to this day.

From Germany, Charlemagne birthed the empire. The prophecy said that the leopard had great dominion. Eventually, (from the 16th Century forward), the empire was called the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Newsweek magazine, April 9, 1984 said, “Since the time of Charlemagne, the area that is now Germany has been the pivot of European history. In the past 120 years, the Germans have dominated Europe; intellectually and militarily.”

“Reich” is the German word for kingdom. In all the history of the Holy Roman Empire, its parliament was known as the Reichstag. “Reich” meaning “empire” and “–stag” meaning “assembly”. The modern nation of Germany is evolved from Charlemagne’s Reichstag. As far back as 919 AD, the Reichstag elected the first King of the Germans, and in 1871 became the parliament of the German Empire.

FOUR REICHS (4 heads)

Germany became the embodiment of the four-headed leopard. Germany has indeed had four heads – four Reichs, or kingdoms.

1. The First Reich. 800 to 1806 – This was the time of the Holy Roman Empire beginning with Charlemagne (picture). Most of its emperors were actually crowned by a pope.

First Reich

2. The Second Reich. 1870 to 1919 – Began under the diplomatic statesmanship of Otto Von Bismarck, “The IRON Chancellor.” From the unification of Germany following the Franco-Prussian War to the German defeat in the First World War. Bismarck attempted to stop Catholic political control of Germany, but failed.

The Reichstag (Parliament) was established.

Second Reich

3. The Third Reich. 1933-1945 – Adolph Hitler’s Germany followed a brief interim called the Weimar Republic. Nazi Germany was defeated in WWII and divided into East and West Germany. Journalists of that era called it a “deadly wound.” The DEADLY WOUND referred to the DIVIDED GERMANY. The nation was literally divided into two countries: East Germany and West Germany, to prevent it from again rising to such dreaded power.

Third Reich

4. The Fourth Reich. 1951 to present – Germany (leopard) and France (fowl) sponsored the European Coal and Steel Community, which evolved into the present day European Union. The Euro is now the common currency, and Germany is still the dominating nation in the EU.

Fourth Reich

… With the fall of the Berlin Wall [1989] and the reunification of Germany, President George HW Bush declared in March, 1991, “Now, we can see a NEW WORLD coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a NEW WORLD ORDER.”


(Source: http://kenraggio.com/KRPN-Four-Beasts-Of-Daniel.html)

Disclaimer: I do not agree with everything Ken Raggio states in this article, only what I have posted. However, this gives us a baseline for speculation. — PY