9. Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

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August 9,2020

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell


Ghislaine Maxwell is a British socialite and the youngest child of disgraced publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. She moved to the United States after her father’s death in 1991 and became a close associate of financier and subsequently convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell has faced persistent allegations of procuring and sexually trafficking underage girls for Epstein and others, charges she emphatically denies.

The British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested in connection with an investigation into her ex-boyfriend, the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Maxwell, 58, has been named in multiple lawsuits by women who said they were abused by the disgraced financier, who killed himself last August.

She was arrested Thursday morning in New Hampshire, said Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office.

Maxwell, whose whereabouts have been unclear since the arrest last summer of Epstein, has been under investigation for allegedly facilitating Epstein’s recruitment of young girls and women.

LINK: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/who-is-ghislaine-maxwell-the-woman-at-the-center-of-the-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/ar-BB16gKgT


Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father Had Known Connections To MI6, The KGB And Israeli Intelligence Service Mossad

On Thursday, Jeffrey Epstein’s suspected longtime partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested and charged with helping lure at least three girls — one as young as 14 — to be sexually abused, reports the Associated Press.

Last summer, Epstein allegedly committed suicide in a New York federal detention center while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Back in 2003, The Telegraph published an article titled ‘FO suspected Maxwell was a Russian agent’ which described how certain British intelligence officers believed Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, was a secret agent working for the Soviet Union and other countries.

“After the former Mirror newspaper’s chief and ex-Labour MP died at sea on November 5 1991, there was widespread speculation that he might have been a double or even a triple agent, but the FBI found nothing in a decade of monitoring him, despite his known links with MI6, the KGB and the Israeli intelligence service Mossad,” wrote Lydia Bell, the article’s author.


From royal jet-setter to disgraced socialite: the making of Ghislaine Maxwell

Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace’ traces the story of Ghislaine Maxwell up to her incarceration this week

Back in the Nineties, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was known in New York as the “female Gatsby” for her lavish entertaining. With a reputation for being charming and funny, hers was a glittering lifestyle straight out of the pages of a society magazine. She would attend cocktail parties with A-listers, drop in at celebrity fundraisers, ski at Aspen and jet around the world, largely at other people’s extreme expense.

LINK: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/royal-jet-setter-disgraced-socialite-making-ghislaine-maxwell/


Where Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case Stands One Month After Her Arrest

On July 2, 2020, Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriendGhislaine Maxwell was arrested in Bradford, New Hampshire. The British heiress had spent years evading the public eye and even tried to hide when the FBI arrived to take her into custody, according to The New York Times. But while Maxwell’s case is still ongoing, her arrest marks a huge turn.

Though Maxwell has long denied any wrongdoing, many of Epstein’s accusers have alleged that Maxwell helped to recruit and groom underage girls in order to build a sexual abuse ring. In a 2015 civil suit, defendant Virginia Giuffre accused Maxwell of “acting as a madam” for Epstein by “recruiting, maintaining, harbouring and trafficking girls” for him.

LINK: https://www.bustle.com/entertainment/ghislaine-maxwell-case-updates


Ghislaine Maxwell’s cruel campaign to undermine Jeffrey Epstein’s victim revealed

Based on newly unsealed court documents, it is clear to me Ghislaine Maxwell found some vile and soulless representation.

In a never-before-seen deposition from 2016, Maxwell’s attorney Laura A. Menninger led aggressive questioning of Virginia Giuffre, who has long maintained that Maxwell and the late Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused and trafficked her from the time she was a minor.

It was no accident Maxwell’s team chose a female attorney to go after Giuffre. In a particularly brutal line of questioning, one apparently designed to break Giuffre’s resolve, Menninger asks a version of this dozens of times:

“I’m asking you to name a single time during which Ghislaine Maxwell acting alone told you to go have sex with another person.

LINK: https://nypost.com/2020/07/31/ghislaine-maxwells-campaign-to-undermine-epsteins-victim-revealed/


Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Spotted In Photograph Of JonBenet Ramsey Shortly Before Her Death

A photograph of child murder victim JonBenét Ramsey that originated from the A&E Network and was later published in an article by The Sun shows what appears to be Ghislaine Maxwell, the embattled British socialite who was recently arrested, in the background:

Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Captured On Camera With JonBenet Ramsey

NYC woman claims Ghislaine Maxwell ‘gagged, restrained and raped’ her

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