In the midst of “China Virus” … Trusting The Plan!


September 5, 2020

Here we are at the Labor Day weekend, and though COVID-19 has not been eradicated, the Deep State has shown their cards in a number of different ways. The CDC has ruled that COVID is not as deadly as we have been told by Democrats in authority in Washington DC. The number of deaths have been lowered significantly. Those were mostly in facilities where elderly people were being cared for, specifically in cities run by corrupt mayors and governors — New York’s DeBlasio and Cuomo primarily.

We must expect push back between now and November 3rd, the Presidential election. Lies from the Left are rampant, as they try to distract attention from people who are learning (and believing) the truth about corruption in the Democrat Party. I’m seeing on Twitter that many individuals are considering making a change from voting Democrat to voting Republican — though there is evil on both sides in government.

Qanon is now being lambasted by the mainstream media as a wicked entity that is turning hearts away from the church. The Deep State is running out of false flags that are designed to turn the public against what is true, and cling to FAKE NEWS.

Prayers have been answered on my behalf! I can walk without help now, though I don’t take very many steps at a time, because I’ve been told my femur is still showing signs of fracture. I am not praying for death, like I was before. I am strong enough to consider doing things that I assumed I would never be able to do again. And my KY kids may be coming out to see me around Christmas time.


March 25, 2020

It’s been awhile since I posted here. God has been teaching me that He does not promise to make my life easier or to take away pain that He makes use of to teach me valuable lessons. That’s why I am able to say to you that IN THIS MOMENT OF TIME, I am at peace — with my cancer, with the jaw-dropping changes that have occurred in my life over the past 6 months, and with the extreme “happenings” at this time within the US and around the world as a result of release into the world the coronavirus from within China.

I’m feeling weary right this minute. Cancer  that began as a breast cancer tumor (removed in December 2015) has metastasized into my skull and skeleton. And it’s unwelcome presence has insisted that I listen even closer to what my body is saying to me regarding the need to rest and otherwise alter the way I do life.

I have been given permission by my Heavenly Father to no longer be burdened by Qanon “drops” that lead to distressing discoveries, such as child abduction by traffickers in the US and around the world for the  harvesting of adrenochrome and for the purpose of satanic sacrifice. That was revealed to me in a series of dreams that occurred during my 41-day stay in 4 different medical facilities. I was in horrible pain at the time, but looking back, I understand now that severe pain was necessary to break through my set-in-stone way of thinking.

President Trump — God’s anointed vessel for this time in history —  has asked everyone who possibly can to shelter in place while experts in many fields WORK TOGETHER (something that would only have come about in response to extreme necessity) to stop the spread of the deadly virus. I was pretty much housebound anyway, so it hasn’t been difficult for me. Chuck makes trips out and about for necessary supplies.

Yesterday, POTUS announced that he is trusting the virus will be under control to a degree where things can return to relative “normal” by Easter Sunday, April 12th. I’m waiting to see what happens on Good Friday. Lots of chatter on Twitter about that. And I’m staying tuned for the “10 days of darkness” that has been foretold by the qanon military op team. They are currently making use of the shelter-in-place orders while people are kept safe in their homes, REMOVING CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS FROM THE PROVERBIAL SWAMP — rounding up members of ANTIFA, MS-13, drug gangs, and other evil entities are taken quietly into custody.

INTERESTING TIMES! I’m trusting our President and his capable military. Trusting the QANON PLAN to take down the elite Deep State.

Appreciating prayers for courage and healing.

NHIM, Paula