Cancer sucks


Friends, I’m down to 128 pounds from 160, and I can hear my bones making cracking sounds. once the cancer leaves my bones. I will not have much time. I will post as I can. 



Hello my faithful readers! I have been out of touch for the better part of 2 months. A fracture was found in my left femur, and with it came the discovery of bone cancer. I was in and out of 3 hospitals and 2 different rehab facilities and finally got to come home on Day 41 — November 13th. Following 10 radiation treatments and too numerous to count issues dealt with in various ways — including pneumonia, e coli (WHAT???), and a bad case of thrush!

It has taken several hours to restore access to my computer. Due to my long absence, I was locked out. SOOO everything looks good to go, and I will be posting asap!

Hope all is well with all of you, and special thanks to those who visited while I was away!

NHIM, Paula