Re: “Red Carpet” and American “royalty”

September 22, 2019
Just to give an idea about how the Holy Spirit works in me, this morning when I woke up there was a link on my phone to a video by Daniel Lee. As I watched that stomach turning video, Daniel showed a White House video that he featured in the middle (at about the 7:35 marker) of his information video.
I was bedazzled by the “pomp” that was awarded the Prime Minister of Australia and his wife at the State dinner hosted the night before (9/21/19) by the White House. Here is Daniel’s video (hopefully it will not be taken down), so please stop here and watch the clip about the “Red Carpet” welcome.


I didn’t think much more about it until later, after I came across another short but very powerful video on Twitter created by a man who calls himself, Major Patriot. Here is that moving video before comtinuing:
I was so moved by this beautiful tribute that I sat down at my computer and spent the next 2 hours writing my thoughts on my Facebook group, Prophecy Connections. (If you’d like to read it, please ask to be added to the member list.)
I went on with my day and took a fibromyalgia nap to try and relieve my symptoms. Afterward was when the “magic” began, as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed. I saw that the Emmy Awards are tonight in LA, to be followed by a fund raiser (in LA) for Trump 2020 after the show finishes.
Then I began seeing tweets about “RED CARPET” as related to Qanon Drop 1258. I looked it up on and this is what I found …
When will we have MOAB? (Mother Of All Bombs)
Should we tell all the good people watching the day & time?
Red carpet rollout?

Think logically.
The world is watching.

Note that this exchange between one of the anons and Q happened on April 24, 2018 — over a year ago! And the web master of placed “Marker” in parentheses!
Next I noticed an article about the “old news” incident that had been brought out by the MSM and Deep State to degrade Donald Trump, which happened ON THE RED CARPET at the Emmy’s a short time ago:

The Trump video is ‘old news’: Billy Bush is back on the red carpet for the Emmys tonight

(Sorry, you’ll have to click on the green letters for that article.)

TWO RED CARPETS — one at the White House and one at the Emmy’s within approximately 36 hours of each other??? BILLY BUSH (who hadn’t been mentioned since 2016) played as a game piece on the multiple layer “chess board” in the Q game between God and Lucifer???
Somewhere on that timeline, I found myself listening to the glowing introduction of our POTUS by the Prime Minister of India, as they met in Houston, Texas for a community summit hosted by Texas India Forum for newly-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That took place around noon TODAY!
So it finally connected in my brain: RED CARPET in D.C. —> “RED CARPET welcome” in HOUSTON —> now RED CARPET in L.A.  … President Trump has had a full 24-hours and more of back-to-back, body-busting activity for 2 days, and he looks refreshed and ready for more!


Could it be possible that the Q team — notice the “we” in Q’s response to the Anon — is out in front of all this to the degree that these events were planned well over a year ahead of these actual happenings?
Let’s keep watching together, and please feel free to comment.