4. Bill Clinton / Israel / Catastrophes (1999-2000)

“I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.”

— The Lord God (Joel 3:2)

September 6, 2019

(Please refer to Parts 1 through 3 in this series for background on information in this file.)

Before we continue, let’s talk about DAMAGE CONTROL. If you have never heard the term before, you probably have been keeping busy using your gifts of  home making and hospitality, or maybe you have a favorite hobby that you passionately nurture, or possibly you are up to your chin in kids and / or grandkids. 

Please don’t feel like I’m making fun of how you choose to spend the 24 hours in each  of your days. It’s just that “reality” has always seemed like a conundrum to me. I tried so many activities — from macrame to knitting to baking to growing plants to attending women’s groups — nothing seemed quite right for me. Then fibromyalgia took hold of my health and God used the symptoms to sit me down and show me what HE meant for to do.

Funny thing, it started with a President who broke one of the Democrats’ steadfast rules: “Never allow yourself to be photographed when you’re doing something naughty” I kid you not. From the very beginning of the Clinton cover-ups, Larry Nichols moved within in the Clinton Circle of power.  He IS an insider to Bill and Hill’s early days in Arkansas, a book was published to that effect in 1998 that you can still find on Amazon and elsewhere:

The Larry Nichols Story: Damage Control– How to Get Caught With Your Pants Down and Still Get Elected President by David M. Bresnahan

I’m going to speed up a bit now and jump to the weather anomaly chase, since most of my readers (surely) know about Hillary Clinton and her two failed bids for the Presidency.

We’ve looked at Bill Clinton ‘s first 7 years as President, which we can connect directly to many weather phenomena  that has been documented and is now a part of history. (Remember that Texas had just been rocked by Hurricane George AT THE SAME TIME Yasser Arafat was making his case for division of God’s covenant land.  to create a Palestinian state.  USA Today’s two adjacent, front page articles were about Hurricane George “lingering” along the Gulf Coast and about Mideast talks starting up again.)

At the end of that 7th year (November 30 – December 1, 1998), Bill Clinton attended the Middle East Donors Conference, where he announced that he would seek an additional $400+ million in aid for the Palestinian people.  The stock market tumbled as Arafat announced that he would declare a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it’s capital city

Briefly stated:

12/11 – 12-19 / 1998 — Clinton was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Simultaneous headlines screamed of Clinton’s impeachment  AND his trip to meet with the Palestinian leaders.

12/14/98 — Clinton received royal treatment when the Palestinians celebrated their new international airport. Clinton had been asked to dedicate it, and Arafat again insisted he would — unilaterally if necessary — declare the existence of a Palestinian state in May 1999.

12/21/98 — The Israeli Knesset voted to dissolve and hold early elections after Benjamin Netanyahu failed to sell his peacemaking policy (which included “land for peace.”)

1999 … Lots was going on globally including the start of the Kosovo War.

May 3, 1999: Some of the most powerful tornadoes ever to hit the U.S. (F-4 and F5) were recorded. Extremely rare. AT THE SAME TIME in Israel, the declaration for a Palestinian state was postponed at President Clinton’s request. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated, “This is an outbreak of historic proportions, no doubt about it.”

May 4, 1999:  Clinton declared parts of Oklahoma and Kansas federal disaster areas, AND encouraged Arafat’s aspirations for a Palestinian state, while telling him not to declare unilaterally.

As the impeachment dust settled and negotiations continued in the “land for peace” tug-of-war involving numerous individuals in the Clinton administration, God continued to speak through weather anomalies …

Hurricane Dennis  (August 24 – September 7, 1999): Slow-moving, Cat 2 Dennis moved erratically and literally made circles in the Atlantic Ocean for days. It actually moved backwards then lingered over North Carolina for nearly a week. The monster came ashore on the same day that an accord was to be signed in Egypt by Ehud Barak (Israel), Yasser Arafat, and Madeline Albright (U.S.)

Hurricane Floyd (September 7-17, 1999): Floyd strengthened into CAT 5 HURRICANE on the same day negotiations  for “final status” concerning outlines for borders, the status of Jerusalem, and Jewish settlements in the West Banks and the Gaza Strip.

Hurricane Irene (October 14-15, 1999): Irene hit North Carolina, Hector Mine experienced a 7.1 earthquake, AND a Stock Market melt down lost hundreds of billions of dollars in capitalization AS JEWISH SETTLERS WERE BEING EVICTED from God’s covenant land in Israel.

The world celebrated the year 2000,  Clinton scandal and impeachment protocol faded in people’s minds, as often happens with the passing of time, and God shifted His focus to the West, the Southwest, and Florida.

As Clinton and his ambassadors continued to pressure Israel to give God’s covenant land  for promised peace, 2000 will be remembered as the “Year of Wildfires.”  As fires raged, extreme drought created a need for water rationing and caused crop damage, impacting 30 states!

(Source: Eye To Eye, Facing the Consequences of dividing Israel by William Koenig)

Next we’ll look at God vs. George W. Bush scenarios.