When “Q” became more than just an alphabet letter …

Early in May 2018, I got a message from a local Facebook friend asking, “Do you know about this?” I followed the link, and found myself learning about all manner of “conspiracy theories.”

The Holy Spirit began surging in me … urging me to “DIG DEEPER.” So I did, which set me on the path of an amazing journey.  And all of that research — much of which has been uncovering a history within our American history that MUST NOT BE IGNORED!

I’ve been following Q and Q+ (President Trump) since October 2017. I also follow the Q movement on Facebook and Twitter. But as of October 2020, I noticed that my accounts were being deleted by the “powers that be.” I’m trying to keep up, but things are happening so quickly now (2021) that it’s extremely difficult!

Q drops began coming through on October 28th, 2017 to a group of people known as “anons” (anonymous writers) and “autists” (people with a level of autism that makes them brilliant researchers) who post on the “Dark Web” within groups called “chans.” Trying to follow the “codes” was like being on a real-time treasure hunt…. THEN came the Presidential election fiasco, which also took down Representatives and Senators, turning red states BLUE, and placing Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in control.

Many corrupt powers are involved in covering up the election fraud and reversing MANY of the good things that President Trump had accomplished toward the Make America Great Again initiative. 

President Trump and the First Lady left the White House after the fake Inauguration, and placed a lock on the door, which has yet to be removed. THEREFORE people are beginning to understand that Hollywood illusions are being used to place Joe Biden in places he can’t actually be. This process is being called “the Great Awakening.”

Please visit qanon.pub for a complete listing of ALL that has been posted since the beginning.

In December 2020, Q stopped posting, after the November 3rd election was STOLEN by the DEEP STATE. And because of my newly acquired knowledge of how the Deep State operates, and it’s ties with evil satanic forces, including mainstream media operatives, I’m now caught up in this amazing journey to make known evidence that PROVES a majority of the CONSPIRACY THEORIES are now INCRIMINATING FACTS!

I just discovered that the link  I posted here awhile back has been “terminated” by You Tube. I do have it elsewhere in my blog, so please search through my other entries under “Q-uestion the Narrative.”  Maybe you’ll come across it.

Just one more thing. I stopped re-posting information from Q when the codes and number of DROPS became so lengthy and complex that I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up. 

However, you can find ALL of Q’s communications plus commentary at qmap.pub , an amazing site that’s very user friendly. It does take a bit of patience to navigate it, though, so check it out when you are NOT feeling tired and grumpy.

Please continue to browse …