Alberto Rivera: How the Vatican created Islam (Part 1)

NOTE: Alberto Rivera was an ex-Jesuit priest, known as “the Jesuit priest who told the truth,” and who exposed the Roman Catholic Religious Institution by sharing information that he received from cardinals, whom he named. He was born in 1935 and died of food poisoning in 1997. There are those who believe Rivera was a fraud. But as is the nature of the internet, it’s not hard to find both praise and slander for any given individual without looking very far. — especially if that person has been branded “a conspiracy theorist.”
From my studies into Roman Catholicism since 1995, I would say that this article is consistent with research I’ve read by other Christian authors, such as Dave Hunt, Thomas Horn, and Chris Putnam. Highlighting, underlining and font changes within the text are mine and represent what I deemed to be important.  Hopefully it will help my readers who don’t like to read every word of an article. — PY
A reprint of Rivera’s entire article can be found by following this link:
This information came from Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest after his conversion to Protestant Christianity. It is excerpted from “The Prophet,” published by Chick Publications, PO Box 662, Chino CA 91708.
Since its publication, after several unsuccessful attempts on his life, he died suddenly from food poisoning.
His testimony should not be silenced. Dr. Rivera speaks to us still …

What I’m going to tell you is what I learned in secret briefings in the Vatican when I was a Jesuit priest, under oath and induction.

A Jesuit cardinal named Augustine Bea ( ) showed us how desperately the Roman Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century.

Because of its religious history and its strategic location, the Holy City was considered a priceless treasure. A scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city.

The great untapped source of manpower that could do this job was the children of Ishmael [Genesis 25:12 – 17]. The poor Arabs fell victim to one of the most clever plans ever devised by the powers of darkness.

Early Christians went everywhere with the gospel setting up small churches, but they met heavy opposition. Both the Jews and the Roman government persecuted the BELIEVERS IN CHRIST to stop their spread. But the Jews rebelled against Rome, and in 70 AD, Roman armies under General Titus smashed Jerusalem and destroyed the great Jewish temple which was the heart of Jewish worship … in fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:2.

On this holy place today where the temple once stood, the Dome of the Rock Mosque stands as Islam’s second most holy place. [This “fact” is being contested as new research and archaeological excavation turn up alternate possibilities. –PY]

Sweeping changes were in the wind. Corruption, apathy, greed, cruelty, perversion and rebellion were eating at the Roman Empire, and it was ready to collapse. The persecution against Christians was useless as they continued to lay down their lives for the gospel of Christ.

The only way Satan could stop this thrust was to create a counterfeit “Christian” religion to destroy the work of God. The solution was in Rome. Their religion had come from ancient Babylon and all it needed was a face-lift. This didn’t happen overnight, but began in the writings of the “early church fathers.”

It was through their writings that A NEW RELIGION WOULD TAKE SHAPE.  The statue of Jupiter was eventually called St. Peter, and the statue of Venus was changed to the Virgin Mary. The site chosen for its headquarters was on one of the seven hills [Read Revelation 17] called “Vaticanus,” … where the Satanic temple of Janus stood in Rome, Italy.

The great counterfeit religion was Roman Catholicism, called “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.” (Revelation 17:5) She was raised up to block the gospel, slaughter the believers in Christ, establish religions, create wars and make the nations drunk with the wine of her fornication as we will see.

THREE MAJOR RELIGIONS HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON – each has a holy place where they look for guidance. Roman Catholicism looks to the Vatican as the Holy City. The Jews look to the wailing wall in Jerusalem, and the Muslims look to Mecca as their Holy City. Each group believes that they receive certain types of blessings for the rest of their lives for visiting their holy place.

Before this time, Augustine became the bishop of North Africa and was effective in winning Arabs to Roman Catholicism, including whole tribes.
It was among these Arab converts to Catholicism that the concept of looking for an Arab prophet developed….
Let’s stop here and look at the CONNECTIONS …

—  JERUSALEM = THE holy city; strategic location; considered A PRICELESS TREASURE!

“A scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city.”

—  Rome’s RELIGION was derived from ANCIENT BABYLON — where Jews (the remaining southern kingdom of the nation of Israel) were  exiled for 70 years after choosing to worship idols and not to listen to warnings from God’s true prophets.

Enter the landlord of planet Earth, Satan (Lucifer, the devil, etc.)

—  Eventually, A NEW RELIGION “evolved” — the counterfeit Christianity of the Roman Catholics — called CATHOLICISM.

—  Roman gods and IDOLS were TURNED INTO ICONS for veneration by the Roman Catholic Church — JUPITER was turned into St. Peter(claimed to be the cornerstone of THE Church, rather than Jesus); VENUS was remodeled and called a representation of the Virgin Mary; ROME became the “headquarters” for the new CATHOLIC CHURCH, named Vaticanus, was situated on one of SEVEN HILLS in Rome Italy. (As described in Revelation 17.)

—  Catholicism also acted as a cover for what Satan was doing through evil men to destroy the fledgling faith of Christ followers — the spread of the true Gospel.


… In the beginning, Arab visitors would bring gifts to the “House of God,” and the keepers of the Kaaba were gracious to all who came. Some brought their idols and, not wanting to offend these people, their idols were placed inside the sanctuary. It is said that the Jews looked upon the Kaaba as an outlying tabernacle of the Lord with veneration until it became polluted with idols.
In a tribal contention over a well (Zamzam) the treasure of the Kaaba and the offerings that pilgrims had given were dumped down the well and it was filled with sand – it disappeared. Many years later Adb Al-Muttalib was given visions telling him where to find the well and its treasure. He became the hero of Mecca, and he was destined to become the grandfather of Muhammad.
  • ADB AL-MUTTALIB is Islam’s connection toMECCA.
  • ADB AL-MUTTALIB was Muhammed’s grandfather!
  • MECCA —–> Muhammed!
Karl Marx said, “Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.”
In Part 2, we’ll continue reading through this article and watching WORLD HISTORY appear before our eyes!