7/16/19: Information incoming …

This is the first chance I’ve had to post here since March. MUCH has happened, both in my personal life and in events added to my Qanon ministry online. Abundant blessings included reconciliation with my mother after many years of friction. She broke her ankle and required surgery, then a few weeks later, she fell again, put a nasty gash in her forehead, and needed to be moved into assisted living. Fortunately, laws have changed since Trump became President — and we had the necessary papers that documented my dad’s Marine Corps service and participation on the battlefields during the Korean War. So my brother managed to find a beautiful facility near him in Reno, Nevada.
Bottom line: She is content and understands her situation.
Knowing that I am back in her good graces has relieved a lot of emotional stress. That’s something I’ve prayed for over many decades…. Thank you, Lord!
Now it’s time to get back to work, trying to help my readers keep up with what’s happened since Memorial Day with Qanon, and my more recent information source, Eye The Spy on Twitter. “Eye” has been filling in details during Q’s month-long silence. But now the Qanon team is posting again, so the two are working in tandem, though Eye is not a member of the Q inner circle. Rather, he is part of President Trump’s inner circle and works at the pleasure of DJT. Another amazing perspective and even more mystery!
The easiest way to follow along with me is on Facebook. I am administrator of two groups where I post information related to prophecy connections in scripture and current events (Prophecy Connections), and another that is more “hardcore” with updates that I find on Twitter and online sources related to the Qanon adventure (Special OpsQ17). For the Q group, you’ll have to answer three very simple questions and briefly wait for my approval to join.
I like to keep my blog posts at reasonable lengths, so let me give a few bullet points, the details of which I am currently working to include in my overall blog format …
  • Democrats in the House of Representatives, and RINOs in the Senate (Republicans in name only, such as Senator Mitt Romney) continue to make things intolerable for President Trump and his supporters in Congress.
  • Immigration is a huge issue, currently being addressed (OMG!).
  • JULIAN ASSANGE is in U.S. custody, and we are awaiting his testimony.
  • Global elites are feeling panicked due to the arrests of key players in the sex trafficking arrests that have been made in recent months. Primarily connected with the sex slavery group NXVIM, run by Kieth Raniere, and the mysteriously infamous Little St. James island in the Caribbean, owned by Jeffrey Epstein and others. Epstein was arrested and placed in a cell just 3 doors down from El Chapo — drug king pin for decades in Mexico (etc.).
I could write pages about each of these. Some I have been researching and have posted specifics in files that you can find under the heading, LUCIFER: Landlord of planet earth. We must continually remind ourselves that Lucifer worship is at the core of ALL EVIL on this planet! 
Just one more “bullet” before I end this …
  • BLACKOUTS: There was a blackout in parts of New York City on June 13th — the anniversary of another blackout in NYC in 1977. Lots of interesting connections there. What you and I need to know is that Q has written in several drops: “Blackouts necessary.” … SO WE KNOW that what has been happening in key cities all over the country (NYC, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, to name a few), that “white hats” (military good guys) are behind these inconveniences and have a specific purpose for each one.
All right, I’m going to move on to the “specifics” that we are aware of so far in the Jeffrey Epstein case. In the meantime, here is what I have so far …


(Copy and paste the link into your browser to reach the file. OR go to the top of this post and click on the LUCIFER heading.)

CAUTION! This is difficult stuff. Pray before reading.