1. This Is Not “Normal”: More Than 500 Tornadoes In The U.S. in 30 Days

“I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.”

— The Lord God (Joel 3:2)

June 2, 2019
If you read my cover post for “Nature Anomalies and the Nation of Israel” you saw the news that in mid-May, California received a full-blown winter storm (along with other states in the northwest). I intended to begin right then writing articles for this new folder, but distractions led me away to other important news connections to Bible prophecies.
Today, I ran across this article from Michael Snyder ..

This is Not “Normal”: More Than 500 Tornadoes In the U.S. In 30 Days!

The mainstream media has been using the term uncharted territory” to describe the unusual tornado outbreaks that have been happening in the middle of the country, but I don’t think that truly captures the historic nature of what we are witnessing.  Over the last 30 days, there have been more than 500 tornadoes in the United States.  That is not normal.  In fact, Tuesday was the 12th day in a row when at least eight tornadoes were spawned, and that is a new all-time record.  Community after community in the Midwest now looks like a “war zone”, and billions upon billions of dollars of damage has already been done.  But THIS CRISIS IS FAR FROM OVER because forecasters are telling us that more powerful storms will roar through the middle of the country on Wednesday.

Since 1998, there has been an average of 279 tornadoes during the month of May.  So the fact that we have had more than 500 over the last 30 days means that we are running way, way above normal. … According to the National Weather Service, there were more than 50 tornadoes over Memorial Day weekend alone, and at this point there have been at least 8 tornadoes in the U.S. for 12 consecutive days.

You can read his entire article at https://dcdirtylaundry.com/this-is-not-normal-more-than-500-tornadoes-in-the-u-s-in-30-days/
As I write this, there is also grave concern for Middle America because the Arkansas River is at its highest EVER. Many people are losing their homes and lives are at risk due to historic flooding, and levies are threatening to break!
At the same moment in time, Jared Kushner (President Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law) is making his way through the Middle East, pushing a new Peace Plan that we have not yet heard details about. Today, he will be leaving Switzerland, where he and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were present at the annual Bilderberg (Illuminati) meeting — top secret, invitation only!
Keeping all of this in mind, let’s begin looking at the statistics that William Koenig presents in his book, Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing IsraelI’m only going to do a “fly by” of Koenig’s research because I would like for my readers to buy his book and read his commentary.
The most recent update of this book is 2017, and his research begins with 1991, when George H. W. Bush was President of the USA.  In his introduction, Koenig writes: “Every world power that has controlled and occupied the land of Israel HAS BECOME A FORMER WORLD POWER or has LOST POWER, such as Britain.” He goes on to list the enemies and wars that have formed against Israel since it was DECLARED A NATION ON May 14, 1948 through the 2002-2004 Intifada.
1991 was when the U.S. got involved by establishing relations with countries that opposed Israel — for better or worse, depending on whose writing the article. Here is a list of NATURAL CATASTROPHES, which happened from 1991 to 1992 during the GHW Bush administration:

1.  OAKLAND, CA FIRESTORM (October 1991) — This was one of the nation’s most costly fires and began within 48 hours of the announcement of the MADRID LAND FOR PEACE conference (the division of God’s land for promised “peace and security.” 

HERE’S HOW IT WAS DESCRIBED:  “An UNUSUAL east wind, at speeds in excess of 65 MPH … Coupled with record high temperatures well into the 90s, the hot dry winds gusted and swirled through 5 years of drought-dry brush and groves of freeze damaged Monterey pines and eucalyptus trees.” It was referred to simply as THE TUNNEL FIRE. It’s magnitude and scope was beyond the experience of any firefighter alive at that time.

2. THE PERFECT STORM (October through November 1991) — This event was described by meteorologists as one of the most powerful storms ever.  It happened as Bush began the process of formulating a peace plan involving ISRAEL, the Palestinians, and the surrounding countries.

A QUOTE FROM PRESIDENT BUSH:  “We believe territorial compromise is essential for peace.”

NEWSPAPER HEADLINES MADE THIS CONNECTION:  (USA Today, Nov. 1, 1991) MADRID CONFERENCE — “one-on-one peace talks next” and THE PERFECT STORM — “East Coast hit hard by RARE STORM”) ON THE SAME PAGE!

NOTE:  The storm, which was said to happen only about once every 100 years, heavily damaged the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Witnesses said waves as high as 30 ft. smashed into the Bush seafront property.

3.  HURRICANE ANDREW (August 23-24, 1992) — Category 5 hurricane that smashed southern Florida came on the SAME DAY as Prime Minister Rabin cancelled 11 deportation orders against PLO activists.


  1. Madrid Conference convened FOR THE FIRST TIME ON AMERICAN SOIL.

NEWSPAPER HEADLINES MADE THIS CONNECTION: New York Times and USA Today published adjacent headlines about Hurricane Andrew AND the reconvened Middle East peace talks, which began “on a positive note.”

Coming Next: The William J. Clinton administration and related catastrophes!