4. Hearing God through emotional meltdowns

If you have not already, I urge you to catch up with my journey timeline by reading Parts 1-3 of this series. In this article I will address #3 of the LIFE CHALLENGES that brought me to the conclusion that WE CAN HEAR GOD and understand HIS MESSAGES to us.
3.  Fast forward to MAY 6, 2018.  I had become A SURVIVOR. I had been through 2 surgeries plus 30 days of radiation to remove CANCER from my body. I had been through an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN that resulted in a much needed RELATIONSHIP RESET with my husband of 45 years. I had experienced NAVIGATIONAL RECALIBRATION, and I thought I had handled it well … enough.  THEN I LEARNED about the existence of the QANON MOVEMENT. I became aware that GOD HAS A PLAN for America and the world, and my life has changed FOREVER.
To help you understand this part of my journey, I’ll need to BACKTRACK a bit….

In May of 2003, things seemed to be going well. Our daughter and her husband celebrated the first birthday of our first grandchild — glorious! That family was living in an apartment that Chuck and I owned.  Our son and daughter-in-law were expecting their first child and living locally in a home that they were purchasing. Chuck and I were excited to welcome granddaughter #2 the end of September.

In mid-May, OUR LIVES DRASTICALLY CHANGED WITHIN A MATTER OF HOURS     — shocking! Suddenly there was an urgent  need for us to shelter our daughter, son-in-law, and little  granddaughter. My personal life was up-ended. I had to give up my office — my sanctuary, my “safe place” —  and make room for our blended family, including 2 cats and our dog (who hated cats). This happened simultaneously with my parents selling their house. I was trying to help sort and box with their accumulated treasures, plus I still struggled with  fibromyalgia symptoms and severe depression (depending on the day).

By July it was obvious that we needed to look for another house that could accommodate all of us. Someone we thought of as our friend made us an offer that we could not refuse. But we soon learned there was a catch. The country home we were in the process of buying from him became TOTALLY TRASHED from the time we had previewed it until the time we were ready to move in. T-R-A-U- M-A … big time.

Short version: We opted to keep the house, since Chuck was eager to gut and rebuild it. My mom and dad bought our home and moved to that location. I THREW AWAY MOUNDS OF PROPHECY INFORMATION THAT I’D COLLECTED  over 9 years, and I vowed never to write about it again. But Someone prompted me to hold onto most everything I had accumulated on the Clintons and their connections to the Illuminati.

In December 2003, we learned that my dad had leukemia. He passed a short time after that. … I was (how can I put it?)  fried. My body, my brain, my emotions were absolute toast. My state of mind was that I should just throw out everything that had occupied my office, including my published writings, and start over. THERE IS NO WAY that I would not have proceeded with that intention had not Someone stopped me.

On May 6, 2018 someone sent me a message saying, “Have you heard about this?” I followed the link she gave me and heard Praying Medic’s presentation about “Qanon for  Beginners.” He had just posted it within 36 hours of my being directed to that video.
Trying to keep this as short as possible, but I will add details about the past year asap and make those posts available on my blog. I was in a state of upheaval once again. By then I was recognizing THIS HAD TO BE A GOD-THING. The posts that will follow  were not included in my book, so my readers will be first to hear about this leg of my journey.


“Life is a journey that must be traveled,

no matter how bad the accommodations.”

—  Oliver Goldsmith