It’s getting REAL …

May 25, 2019
I am remembering my dad during this Memorial Day weekend. He served in the Marine Corps for “19-six” years, survived the Battle at Chosin Resevoir in Korea and served in Vietnam for 13 months. He was a pioneer in the implementation of computers and flight simulators used by the military.
He was a quiet man, though he was a “gunny” in charge of training troops for many years.  I wish I could share with him what I’ve learned about military operations from “Qanon” over the past year. But he went to be with Jesus in December of 2003, taking knowledge, information, and life experience with him that I will never know about.
The time has come to break through SILENCE and SPEAK OUT about what I know to be true. On Thursday, May 23rd, President Trump finally ordered the declassification of ALL DOCUMENTS related to illegal spying operations. This will include not only elites in America, but also the world.
It’s going to “GET REAL” just as soon as Attorney General Bill Barr steps up to a podium and addresses the public concerning “SPYGATE.” People will be shocked by what they are going to hear. You can prepare yourself by reading information that I have posted and will post on this blog.
If you would like to contact me, I’ve set up an email account for that purpose:  I’m not fluent on this stuff, but I can research an try to find out for you if you ask.
Keep in mind that Mark Meadows (Congressional Representative) has stated that what he’s seen will “curl your hair.” Click this link to read the article …

Meadows: Spygate Docs to be Declassified Contain Info that “Will Curl Your Hair”