1. How can I know that God is speaking?

May 24, 2019 …

Have you ever felt FRUSTRATED, because it seems that you CAN’T FIGURE OUT when God is saying SOMETHING that deserves your attention?

Do you ever feel like YOUR PRAYERS are “hitting the ceiling”?

Well, you can read any number of BOOKS  about prayer. I’m sure there are many GOOD ONES out there that you may find HELPFUL. You can find SERMONS online about PRAYER and get MANY PERSPECTIVES on what works for certain individuals.

I’ve BEEN THERE. I understand those feelings. I’ve done ALL OF THOSE THINGS … and I’ve felt like GIVING UP.  Crying helps sometimes. Getting CLOSE TO NATURE helps … sometimes.

Going through TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS can motivate me to PRAY MORE and listen HARDER. But I’ve always had trouble with SUCCESS when it comes consistency and FAITHFULNESS.  Always.

Can you relate?

If your ANSWER is YES, then please bear with me for a bit while I SHARE with you WHAT HAPPENED in my life that GRABBED HOLD of something inside me, which caused AN IRREVERSIBLE CHANGE in my confidence regarding HOW GOD SPEAKS and WHEN we should know TO PAY ATTENTION.

I can point to 3 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS in the past 25 YEARS that have brought me to THIS POINT:

1. God grabbed me at one of my LOWEST POINTS — I’m talking about HEALTH, loss of CONTROL in my relationships, and concern and FEAR about my FUTURE. And MY HEAVENLY FATHER “suggested” that I notice HIS VERY SUBTLE HINTS that He wanted to be in control of my journey. 

2. Something happened that gave me COMMON GROUND with individuals WORLDWIDE — September 11th, 2001. But it wasn’t until 2012 when the The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn was published that I began mentally assembling THE PUZZLE, which PROVED that I could ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that GOD WAS actually SPEAKING.

3.  Fast forward to MAY 6, 2018.  I had become A SURVIVOR. I had been through 2 surgeries plus 30 days of radiation to remove CANCER from my body. I had been through an EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN that resulted in a much needed RELATIONSHIP RESET with my husband of 45 years. I had experienced NAVIGATIONAL RECALIBRATION, and I thought I had handled it well … enough.  THEN I LEARNED about the existence of the QANON MOVEMENT. I became aware that GOD HAS A PLAN for America and the world, and my life has changed FOREVER.

The good news FOR YOU:  I have learned enough about the MINISTRY THAT GOD ASSIGNED TO ME that I can walk you through the “basics” of HOW WE CAN KNOW WHAT GOD IS SAYING TO US and HOW IT IS RELEVANT to where you may be right now.

I will tell you more about #1 in my next article in this series, so please hang with me.