2. How can I hear God speaking?

Hello again!
If you read #1 in this series, you know that I can point to 3 SIGNIFICANT LIFE EVENTS in the past 25 YEARS that have brought me to THE POINT where I can  better recognize WHEN GOD IS SPEAKING — not just to me! I can tell (within a reasonable doubt ) when He is TRYING TO GET THE ATTENTION OF America and countries around the globe.
1. God grabbed me at one of my LOWEST POINTS — I’m talking about HEALTH, loss of CONTROL in my relationships, and concern and FEAR about my FUTURE.  MY HEAVENLY FATHER “suggested” that I notice HIS VERY SUBTLE HINTS … He wanted to be in control of my journey.
In this post I’m going to elaborate on the FIRST of those life events with the hope that YOU WILL BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND where I’m coming from …

I married when I was 18 — fresh out of high school with a Disney, fairy tale mentality. Not a good way to begin. I thought I would go to college and become an elementary school teacher. But that was not to be. (I’ll post some excerpts from my Kindle book to fill in details.)

In 1977, after my second child was born, I discovered that I was dealing with what doctors labeled as “severe clinical depression.” That in itself is a long, ongoing story, but what I’d like for you to know is that the Holy Spirit was with me throughout my suffering, my wondering, and my QUESTIONS about the faith that I had developed from infancy in the CHURCH of my childhood through young adult years, the things I thought I knew from personal Bible study and a multitude of sermons, and my personal experiences with the supernatural.

I managed to make it successfully through raising my daughter and son from infancy through elementary school, middle school, and my daughter’s high school graduation in 1992. After she left for college, my son still had three years of high school to go. He was saved by grace and the outstanding choir / drama teacher who nurtured him for three years. (I will tell you more about that in subfiles.)

Things were FUN and CHALLENGING and MOTIVATING despite my horrible bouts of depression, and I was loving every moment. Then in January 1994, I began feeling sick in ways I hard trouble describing. … After 18 months of numerous specialists and test of many kinds, I was diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME, which very few people knew about — not even most specialists!

So in January 1995, the middle of Jon’s senior year, I was still trying hard to stay in the game as a lead volunteer at the high school, but I was experiencing extreme all-over “tender spots” and fatigue, plus other unmentionable symptoms. I stayed in bed late into the mornings most days. AND I FELT SORRY FOR MYSELF big time!

For Christmas 1994, Jon had given me a gift  certificate to a local Christian store. So several weeks after that, I decided to drag myself out of the house and go shopping. I was actually too weak to stay long, so my plan was to grab a couple of things that caught my attention and head back home. When I got there NOTHING STOOD OUT TO ME — not books, not decorative items, simply NOTHING. That was highly unusual.

I was discouraged and ready to leave, thinking I’d have to come back another rime. Then something totally unexpected GRABBED ME. I literally turned around in my tracks and walked over to the book shelf that seemed to be calling out to me. It held books about PROPHECY  — something I’d decided years earlier that I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN. I was of the opinion that Revelation was a bunch of jibberish that I was not meant to waste time on. But that was all about to change.

I don’t want any of my posts to be wearisome, so I’m going to stop here and give you the opportunity to read some of the devotions in my book that will take you down the road to LIFE CHANGING EVENT #2. You’ll find them listed underneath main file heading, God is speaking … are you listening.