Inconvenient Truth: Disgraceful Treatment of Jews

Again, my source is Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope Is Here by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam …
Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum wrote, “Theologically, Satan is the cause for all anti-Semitism.” Dr. Fruchtenbaum has deeply explored the relationship between Israel and the Catholic Church. Here are some “bullet points” concerning his findings and those of Thomas Horn:
  • Most Church history books either neglect or tone down the extent of Rome’s record of disgraceful treatment against Jews.
  • “Within a brief period following the Jewish Messiah’s death, resurrection, and ascension, many of the Early Church fathers seem to have completely forgotten that their Savior, His family, Paul, the twelve apostles, and the majority of the Early Church were Jews. VERY EARLY, MANY OF THE FATHERS BEGAN TEACHING THAT GOD HAD ETERNALLY CURSED THE JEWS FOR REJECTING THE MESSIAH. THEY TAUGHT THAT THE CHURCH WAS THE NEW ISRAEL. As time went on, Rome capitalized on this eisegesis declaring it authoritative. Because there seems to be some ambiguity surrounding the term ‘Israel,’ it is important to look at its use …”
  1. “First, [ISRAEL] was used as THE NEW NAME FOR JACOB, Son of Isaac [the son promised to Abraham and Sarah in their old age]….”
  2. “The second use of the term [ISRAEL] derives from when the united Davidic monarchy was divided into THE NORTHERN KINGDOM CALLED ISRAEL AND THE SOUTHERN KINGDOM CALLED JUDAH. In 721 BC, that northern kingdom, Israel, was sacked by the Assyrians; the ten tribes residing there were dispersed and ITS EXISTENCE AS A NATION ENDED. However, because there were representatives from all of the twelve tribes still residing in Judah, the southern kingdom, there really are no lost tribes [as portrayed by historians]. Only a short time later, the Babylonians did much the same to the Kingdom of Judah, although they preserved their identity as a people-group [collectively called Jews].
  3. “The third use of the word ensued when those Babylonian exiles [the southern kingdom was exiled for 70 years in Babylon] returned to the Promised Land and referred to it as ISRAEL (Ezra 2:2, 70; 4:3; 6:16; Neh. 1:6; 2:10; Zech. 12:1; Mal. 1:1).  THIS IS UNMISTAKABLY THE WAY IT IS USED BY JESUS AND THE VARIOUS NEW TESTAMENT WRITERS. It is often used to refer to the physical descendants of Abraham, especially in light of God’s covenant promises ...
  4. “Whereas the third sense is ethnic and political, the fourth REFERS TO THE ELECT REMNANT as argued by Paul in Romans chapter 9. In that chapter, PAUL DEFINES [ISRAEL] AS THOSE WHO ARE SPECIFICALLY CHOSEN BY GOD …
  5. “The fifth and final way is THE ONE POSSIBILITY WHERE ‘ISRAEL’ COULD OBLIQUELY REFER TO BELIEVING GENTILES. In Galatians 6:16, Paul prays for ‘the Israel of God.’ It seems in this letter, Paul is making a distinction between the ‘Jerusalem which is now’ (Gal. 4:25) and ‘Jerusalem which is above’ (Gal. 4:26). He also argues that, ‘THEY WHICH ARE OF FAITH, THE SAME ARE THE CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM’ (3:7). Even so, it is still possible to take this in the same sense as Romans 9: ethnic Jews who have come to faith in Jesus…. Arnold Fruchtenbaum argues, ‘Paul did not view the Church as a continuation of Old Testament Israel, but rather a new entity all together. Galatians 6:16 does not refer to all New Testament believers as the Israel of God, but only to the Jewish believers who are the believing remnant.’  While this one reference is debatable, GENTILES ARE ELSEWHERE CLEARLY DESCRIBED AS UNATURAL BRANCHES GRAFTED INTO ISRAEL (Romans 11:24)
“… there is no sound exegetical reason to believe the term ‘Israel’ should apply broadly to the Church. Nonetheless, this was the dominant dogma imposed by the Roman magisterium for millennia.” (Petrus Romanus, pgs. 348 -350)
  • “The Church fathers largely portrayed the Pharisees and priests as exclusively evil and hostile to the Gospel.” [I remember this from Sunday school curriculum that I was taught and have taught.– PY] “They cherry-picked statements from the Gospels and from Paul’s writings to justify their racist attacks while ignoring Paul’s own testimony to his heritage including his being a Pharisee (Phil 3:5). If anything, the Early Church served to drive Jews further from the truth. COULD THIS BE SATAN’S PRIMARY MEANS OF BLINDING THEM, THROUGH THE VERY ONES WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MINISTERS OF RECONCILIATION  (2 Cor. 5:20)? It seems to be so.”
  • [The Early Church] accused Jews of murdering Jesus. This charge has been repeated over and over again by racist groups throughout history and is still promoted today. Of course, Jesus left no room for such heresy:  “Therefore doth my Father love me, because I LAY DOWN MY LIFE, that I may take it again. NO MAN TAKETH IT FROM ME, but I lay it down myself. I HAVE POWER TO LAY IT DOWN, AND I HAVE POWER TO TAKE IT AGAIN. This commandment I have received from my Father” (John 10:17-18).
  • According to John Chrysostom, Roman Catholic Saint and Doctor of the Church, Jews have committed the worst crimes imaginable. He advocated teachings  that God eternally hates Jews, they have no chance for atonement, they would never again be a sovereign nation, and they will not rebuild the Temple. Since God chose to reinstate Israel’s position as a nation (against all odds), perhaps we can be confident that prophecy concerning a rebuilt temple in still future days indicates a Third Temple is NOT out of the question as Mr. Chrysostrom declared in his Eight Homilies Against the Jews.
Continuing the historical account …
  • AD 306: Spanish church leaders issued a decree absolutely forbidding Christians and Jews to marry. (Note: God forbade the descendants of Jacob — aka Israel — to marry people who did not worship Him, because He knew that their pagan spouses would turn them against the one true Lord, God.)
  • Constantine ordered all Jews to leave Rome.
  • AD 341: The Nicaean Council ruled that CHRISTIANS COULD HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH JEWS (Including commemorating Passover, which then became Easter, celebrated only by “Christians.”)
  • AD 434-481: The Council of Laodecia  officially banned Christians from keeping the Jewish Sabbath on Friday through Saturday, sundown to sundown, as ordained by the Lord God.
  • The Seventh Century: Gaul, Burgundy, and Lombardy in northern Italy ordered all Jews to leave their territories. They were given the choice between forced conversion or death. Children were taken from their parents to be reared as Roman Catholics. In Spain, Judaism was officially outlawed. And later Jews were expelled from the Kingdom of Granada.
  • The Ninth Century:  “…there is no sound exegetical reason to believe the term ‘Israel’ should apply broadly to the Church. Nonetheless, this was the dominant dogma imposed by the Roman magisterium for millennia.” (Petrus Romanus, pgs. 348 -350)
  • The rationale for THE CRUSADES was to enforce apostate Roman Catholic theological traditions rather than biblical theology.
  • AD 1095: Pope Urban II’s rationale for the first Crusade was to defend pilgrims who were traveling to the Holy Land. Rome made pilgrimage to Jerusalem a tradition that they claimed would “gain special favor with God, obtain absolution [forgiveness] from particularly bad sins, or even spring deceased relatives from purgatory [where Catholicism claims souls reside after death if a person wasn’t really bad enough to go directly to hell]” (P.R. page 353)
  • Even though the crusaders seemingly believed they were doing the will of God [similar to Muslims believing that they do the will of Allah], they viciously slaughtered Jews in the most horrid ways imaginable.… In 1099, when Jerusalem was conquered ostensibly ‘in the name of Christ,’ the crusaders rounded up what was left of Jesus’ ethnic brethren into a synagogue and set it ablaze.” (P.R. page 354)
  • Ludicrous charges were leveled against Jews, like using children’s blood  in Passover celebrations, and forced laws like forcing Jews to wear distinctive yellow patches (adopted by Adolf Hitler, the 20th century Fuhrer of Germany).
  • AD 1189: The Jewish quarter of London was intentionally set ablaze at the coronation of King Richard I.
  • AD 1290: Jews were systematically purged from England and Wales, then Paris and surrounding areas of France. 1306: Expelled from the Rhineland, then Hungary; 1394: Expelled from south of France.
  • AD 1492: Christopher Columbus set sail just as 500,000 Jews were being expelled from Spain and their wealth confiscated.  Within 70 years the population of Spain was reduced from 10 million to 6 million by the banishment of Jews, Moors and Morescoes (‘Christianized Moors’). The Black Death wiped out nearly a third of Europe’s population, including Jews. (Jews were blamed for poisoning the water supply with human hearts and body parts, resulting in hundreds of Jewish communities being completely wiped out.)
  • POPE SIXTUS IV INSTITUTED THE INQUISITION, SPECIFICALLY TARGETING JEWS AS HERETICS. Because of Rome’s penchant for revising history, the death toll is difficult to determine. The Inquisitions truly merited the term “holocaust” long before Hitler’s atrocities were made known to the American public.
  • AD 1523: Martin Luther (father of the Protestant Reformation) wrote that the Jews should be dealt with gently, not by Papal Law, but by the Law of Christian love. Unfortunately he later became frustrated that this did not result in the mass conversion of Jews, so he advocated the burning of synagogues and books, expelling Jews from their homes and seizing assests. (NOTE: Luther never claimed infallibility.)
  • AD 1751: Pope Benedict XIV issued an Encyclical called, “On Jews and Christians Living in the Same Place.” He was deeply  troubled that Polish Jews were becoming more successful at business that Roman Catholics, and Jews were hiring Catholics as servants. He declared that Catholics should do no business with Jews and be “free from and unaffected by all dealings with them.” (A Quo Primum, 6/14/1751)
  • Adolf Hitler was a baptized Roman Catholic and received the blessing of two popes when he became Fuhrer of the Third Reich and enforcer of the Final Solution that sent over 6 million Jews to their deaths. One of Hitler’s favorite propaganda items was a sham called THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. “Conspiracy theorists” have written much about the connection of this manuscript with the firm establishment of The Illuminati. There is ample evidence  in the historical record of the damage this pamphlet has done.
  • July 8, 1940: Time Magazine revealed that the Vatican, in allegiance with the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, had its sights on gaining Jerusalem post-World War II. The Catholic Church urged the planting of the Italian flag over Jerusalem. The Manchester Guardian reported that Axis powers planned to “turn Palestine over to the jurisdiction of the Vatican and transport Palestine’s Jewish population to Ethiopia. Under the plan … the Pope will care for the holy places in Palestine, [and] let Italy run the country.” Ultimately this did not come to pass.
One more fact that I’ve wondered about for years …

Perhaps the only positive thing the Second World War did for the Jews was provide the impetus for the establishment of their homeland in Canaan. We use the biblical term Canaan because that was what it was called before the Israelites first moved there [named after the descendants of  Noah’s cursed grandson, Canaan]. THE TERM ‘PALESTINE’ IS ACTUALLY AN ANTI-SEMITIC SLUR CREATED BY THE ROMANS TO BELITTLE THE JEWS AFTER THEY SACKED JERUSALEM IN AD 70 [destroyed the Second Temple] AND PUT DOWN THE [JEWISH] REVOLT OF AD 135. As they auctioned Jews off as slaves, the Emperor Hadrian DETERMINED TO RENAME THE PROMISED LAND AFTER KING DAVID’S CLASSIC FOES, THE PHILISTINES. The Latin name … was later shortened to Palaestina and THIS IS WHERE THE ANGLICIZED ‘PALESTINE’ COMES FROM. Thus, the name ‘Palestine’ was Rome’s original way of rubbing in the seizure of the Jewish homeland.” (P.R. pages 360-361)

When I think about all the misinformation that I have been required and duty bound to learn  over my lifetime, I am sickened — I absolutely do not fault my teachers. But I am determined to do everything I can to get this corrected history out to as many people as possible.