Questioning the Narrative about the Illuminati

In my last post on December 1st, 2018, I explored the CIA connections of George H. W. Bush, whose death was announced on November 30, 2018. I also eluded to the fact that the Bush family is connected by blood (DNA) to the powerful Illuminati — the global elites whose goal is to create a New World Order.
I have a tendency to get sidetracked and ramble on sometimes. So I’m going to try my best to keep this as concise as possible without leaving out too many of the amazing details that make these names worth remembering.
First the two sources that were unknown to me until a few months ago, which I urge you to download onto a Kindle. Here are the links:
  1.  Pawns In The Game: FBI Edition by William Guy Carr (This book was first published in 1958, but it reads like a modern-day, well-researched work of non-fiction, and backs up details that I’ve been reading about for 2 decades! The documents featured at the end — though now redacted in many places — were actual photocopies of proof that the facts this Canadian naval officer wrote about are true, though they are vehemently denied by the usual multi-national naysayers who have much to hide.)
  2. Worldwide Evil and Misery, The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines by Robin de Ruiter, Co-Authored by Fritz Springmeier,, Copyrights 1989, 2013  (I must caution my readers about this one. There are things in it that I wish I had never read. But now that I do know about these things, I will try to share the facts as responsibly as I can without unnecessary sensationalism.)
Now I will continue with Remember these names …

LUCIFER (the prince of this world): His involvement began in the Garden of Eden. (Read more in Genesis 3-4, Isaiah 14:12-15, Ephesians 2:1-2 in The Bible, New King James Version recommended.) We must always remember — and the earlier mentioned three authors confirm — that Satan (a.k.a. “Lucifer”) is responsible for the demonic actions of the following individuals….

ADAM WEISHAUPT: A Jesuit-trained professor of canon law (primarily Catholicism and eastern Christian-based religions) who turned away from Christianity and embraced “Luciferian ideology.” In 1770, moneylenders organized by the House of Rothschild (more on this later) hired him to modernize “protocols” that ultimately would be used to give the Synagogue of Satan — see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 — world domination.  

The plan: based on the lie that the objective was to bring about a “one world government” governed by men of “proven intellectual ability; destruction of ALL religions and governments; objective to divide the masses (a.k.a. “human cattle”) into opposing sides based on disagreements on issues such as politics, religion, social culture, race, and economics; eventually the two camps would face off with weapons they had been provided and attack each other to weaken and destroy themselves and established institutions. 

The result: formation in 1776 of an organization named the Illuminati (derived from “Lucifer”, meaning “holders of the light”) to carry out the plan.  Initial recruitment: about 2000.  Weishaupt established secret headquarters, which he called Lodges of the Grand Orient. (You can read the requirements for members in the Introduction, found when you open the “Pawn” book  on the ordering page.) 

Their utimate goal: control of global wealth, natural resources, and man-power.


May 1, 1776: Adam Weishaupt created THE  ORDER OF THE ILLUMINATI and adopted an insignia, which can be seen on the back of every one dollar bill!

In 1785the Bavarian Government outlawed the Illuminati and closed the Grand Orient lodges, so they went underground. Weishaupt ordered the members to infiltrate Blue Masonry lodges (secretive) and form “a secret society within secret societies.”

Masons who proved that they bought into Internationalism and no longer believed in God were initiated into the Illuminati. They hid their subversive activities by acting as philanthropists and doing good things for those in need. They also infiltrated the masonic lodges in Britain and the American colonies.

By 1789 they had infiltrated New England’s newly organized Lodges of the Scottish Rite.

In 1829, the Illuminati announced to some members they intended to unite Nihilist, Atheist and all other subversive groups to form an international organization that would be called Communism. The committee appointed to raise funds for the venture financed Karl Marx for the writing of “The Communist Manifesto.” Communism was used as a tool by the Illuminati to incite World Wars 1 & 2. “International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strength that of united Christendom.” (Pawns In The Game, Introduction)

In 1830, Adam Weishaupt died. But before he died, he pretended to repent and rejoin the Catholic Church. This was done to nurture the impression that the Illuminati organization had died with him. But behind the scenes, the secret society was moving forward with their stated goals and directing their conspiracy of division and chaos through important individuals AT THE TOP.

“While the general public has been led to believe that Communism is a movement of the workers (soviets) to destroy Capitalism, Pawns In The Game and The Red Fog Over America prove that both British and American Intelligence Officers obtained authentic, documentary evidence which proved that internationalist capitalists operating through their international banking houses had financed both sides in every war and revolution fought since 1776.”



THOMAS JEFFERSON: A student of Weishaupt and defended him when his government outlawed his Illuminati organization. Jefferson was the illuminist responsible for infiltrating the Scottish Rite masonic lodges!

JOHN ROBISON (a high degree mason in the Scottish Rite),  DAVID PAPPEN (President of Harvard University), and JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (organizer of the New England Masonic Lodges)These three men did what they could to warn masonic leaders about illuminism and the effects it would have on American culture. Unfortunately, they were ignored. Letters written by Adams that exposed how masonic lodges were being used for subversion are located in the Rittenburg Square Library in Philidelphia.

CAPTAIN WILLIAM MORGAN: Decided he had to warn other masons about what was happening. The Illuminati hired an English Illuminist to kill Morgan before he could expose their secret plans, and it was later learned that the assassin had delivered a report to a meeting of the Knights Templar in New York . (The Knights Templar history goes back to Jerusalem during the Crusades. The elite unit was formed in 1119 and once guarded the Shroud of Turin.  Find more at He reported that he had assassinated Morgan as he had been ordered.

GENERAL ALBERT PIKE: A disgruntled officer serving under President Jefferson Davis who accepted the concept of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and eventually became head of THE LUCIFERIAN PRIESTHOOD, which secretly operated in the U.S.  “Between 1859 and 1871, he worked out the details of a military blueprint for three world wars [World Wars 1, 2 and 3and three major revolutions which he considered would further the conspiracy to its final stage during the 20th century.” (Pawns In The Game, Introduction) Pike wrote a letter to the  Italian Revolutionary leader Gussepi Mazzini in 1871 to explain Luciferian dogma concerning the worship of Lucifer (Satan), claiming “Lucifer is God.”

“Very few people today know that general disapproval and disgust over this incident caused nearly 40% of Masons belonging to the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States to secede. — William Guy Carr (Pawns In The Game: FBI Edition)

Author Carr has copies of minutes from the meeting when this happened. He wrote: “The power of those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy against God and Man can be realized by their agents to prevent such outstanding event of history being taught in our public schools.”

Weishaupt’s revised version of the Illuminati’s conspiracy was to “organize, FINANCE, direct and control ALL international organizations and groups by working their agents into executive positions AT THE TOP [of each authoritative body].”