October 5th, 2018: The Judge Bret Kavanaugh Vote for Supreme Court Justice

I just listened to Chairman Chuck Grassley’s comments and they were absolutely on point. The bottom line: Do we want to allow our government to be dominated by MOB RULE, as we’ve seen during the Kavanaugh hearings? We are at a crossroads in terms of decency and justice. We have witnessed the ultimate examples of bullying in American society.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill all individuals who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Empower and encourage those who are weary of lies and deceit. I have researched the tactics of the Illuminati and global elite, and they are frightening.

Thank GOD for the undercurrent of justice that POTUS Trump and the Qanon military special operations team known as Qanon have been so faithfully and consistently embedding in our troubled culture. Thank GOD that they are focused one the One who holds the world in HIS HANDS. Thank GOD that we stand at a precipice of world history in preparation for what HE has foretold through HIS SERVANTS the TRUE PROPHETS of Israel.

May each of us take these divine GIFTS seriously, and may we courageously step into the future with our hearts and minds united against the evil that has been building since the fall of humankind.