Patience is HARD!

Today is 5/18/18, and it’s been one amazing week. Those who have been following my posts on my Facebook group wall — Prophecy Connections — are aware of many of the reasons why I make that claim. For those who would like to catch up, that’s what this post is all about.

Patience is HARD! I’ve felt that way for decades, often wondering if God was actually hearing me, or if He was giving me His full attention, OR if my prayers were hitting the ceiling (or a close-by tree canopy or cloud if I happened to be outside at the time). I have given many examples in my e-book, My Armor’s Kinda Rusty, which is now available on my blog — — along with my Prophecy Connections studies, which have now been updated and re-posted.

In the past few days, the Holy Spirit has given me a lesson in patience that should stay with me a while — at least to the end of this post. And I want to share some very personal experiences and insights that I’ve not written about before. There is too much to include right here, right now, so I hope to write about them in devotion format to match my book and to share them over time with interested readers.

I often get bogged down in details. I believe that’s why the Holy Spirit moved me into the field of curriculum writing over 30 years ago. I’ve learned to cut out stuff that may mean something to me, but it does not fit into the parameters that I’ve been given by specific editors. My very first challenge was writing for toddlers through 6th graders. In order to get paid, I had to manually count the words in each assignment (for which I was paid 2 cents a word) … talk about having to DEVELOP patience!

In August of last year, I came full circle. Because of a lack of patience that was needed to carefully abide by my editor’s wishes, I lost a job that I loved, writing youth curriculum for Real Life Downloaded (David C. Cook). I’d suddenly found myself in the midst of a real life “downloading” situation. God knew I needed to hit “re-set” and completely clear my life so that I could pay close attention to the Spirit’s leading and hear His voice more clearly than I ever have before.

I can see that now. Back in August … not so much.

Anyway, more details to come. For now I’m going to focus on what has just happened in my recent past that has reassured me about God’s plans for the future of my country, the United States of America.

I had grown so discouraged by things that I’d been seeing from the perspective of mainstream media reporting that I gave up TV news entirely, and I was offline for two months.  I had experienced alienation — by individuals who I thought were my “friends” — due to my choices to share controversial FACTS that I had known about for years, but which they refuse to accept. I was at odds with my husband of 45 years and was finding no way to resolve conflicts that were incessantly brewing. My nerves were shot from having to deal with years of seemingly “unsolvable” extended family issues. I was physically and emotionally spent.

Fast forward to Tuesday, May 15th, when I got a message from a Facebook friend with a link to a website I’d never heard of.  “Do you know about this?” she wrote. The link was to the blog of a man who calls himself Prayer Medic, and he was sharing information about  and from someone known in cyberspace as “Qanon.”

Leaving out most of the details: I discovered that “Q” is one — or perhaps more than one — secret agent who is communicating with “Patriots” on orders of the Trump administration to get out positive information about what has been happening behind the scenes to “drain the swamp.” This is information that he cannot wisely include in his Twitter “tweets.”

In case you’ve missed all the controversy, “the swamp” refers to corrupt politicians and illegal actions by many who have been abusing their power for decades. This also includes the global elite (Illuminati)– whom I have been researching since 1995 — and individuals in the entertainment industry from coast to coast in America and beyond.

Specifically, the key players are members of the Obama era DOJ, FBI, CIA and NSA — all with intimate connections to former Arkansas  governor’s wife- America’s first lady-New York senator-Democratic Party presidential candidate-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Yes the woman whom multitudes either love or hate … or both!)

After many hours of following up on links by both Prayer Medic and Qanon, I can assure my readers that I believe they are who they claim to be in regard to their respect for the Lord and their knowledge of things unseen by most of us!

I will give summaries, then share links that you can visit to read as much as you like and dig as deep as you feel comfortable digging….

Praying Medic is a former atheist and paramedic who has been commissioned for specific ministries, including helping people who are not “tech-savvy” with decoding Qanon’s cryptic messages. (You can learn more at and on Twitter @ prayingmedic.)

Qanon is passing information to anyone in the public realm who has the patience to try and decode what he / they post concerning FAKE NEWS and TRUTH. This includes key words, photos, links to news articles that may apply, and other clever tools of communication. (Links: — website; — where Q and anonymous truth seekers post; on Twitter @ qanon76; and others that are way too complicated for my not-so-techy brain.)

Suggested reads from Praying Medic:

That should keep you busy this weekend. I’ll post more on Monday, May 20, 2018. In the meantime, PRACTICE PATIENCE!

NHIM, Paula