Part 4: Messianic bloodline (Truth) vs. Merovingian bloodline (Fiction)

In Part 1, we looked at the truth of Jesus’ blood-related genealogy, which proves He is the Son of God and the son of man, as He said.

In Part 2, we went over information regarding the Merovingian bloodline myth, which alleges that Jesus had a child with Mary Magdalene. The child was taken to France and became the bloodline source for elitists who believe they are superior to others.

In Part 3, I gave links that lead to the most recent findings in research relating to the Shroud of Turin. It is said that human blood was found on the shroud.

Now I’m going to give you one link to what may be the most controversial, as far as Christ followers are concerned. God led me to this site around 15 years ago, and I was absolutely dumfounded. But the more I heard, the more I believed that what Ron found truly was “of God.”

I’ll leave it to you to decide what you believe after you’ve thoroughly explored this site: . Be sure to click on all of the links available in the line above the article. Each has something new that you would may not have read or heard from the others.


… Now that you have heard Ron’s testimony for yourself, here is what I propose:

There are a lot of secrets out there. We’ve looked at just a few, and there are huge amounts more that you and I will never have access to. However, IF the Shroud of Turin and Ron Wyatt’s discoveries were coordinated for study, it would be possible to prove whether (or not) the blood samples’ DNA belong to the same man.

I can think of many reasons why secret societies, traditional Jews, the Catholic church, and individuals who believe in Islam would not want that to happen. Now that you have this collective information, you too can decide for yourself what you believe.

According to Revelation 13, two men will appear on the world scene. The first will be a charismatic global leader. The second will be the False Prophet who helps him deceive the masses. I believe that somehow the powerful blood of the true Messiah will enter into the fray.

And of course, God’s timing is the trumps everything else– please forgive the pun.

NHIM, Paula (October 24, 2017)