Herod was a descendant of Esau!

I learned something this morning that I have always wondered about. It has to do with Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, who stole their father’s blessing, which was meant for the firstborn son — Esau.

If you don’t know the story of Jacob’s deception (encouraged by his mother), you can read the it in Genesis 27. 

Blessings were a very big deal in Bible times. They were a type of prophecy given by God through the aging father to his oldest son. In the twins’ case, Esau should have received Isaac’s blessing, but Jacob managed to fool their nearly blind father into blessing himself instead!

When Esau found out about what his younger brother had done, he begged their father to bless him as well. This is the prophecy given to Esau:

“You will live away from the richness of the earth, and away from the dew of heaven above. You will live by your sword, and you will serve your brother. But when you decide to break free, you will shake his yoke from your neck.” (Genesis 27:39-40)

Esau was the “father” of the Edomites. But, according to The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn, in the days of the Roman Empire, Esau’s descendants were renamed Idumeans. That’s where they became lost to those of us who are still looking for the Edomites!

The truly fascinating thing is this: King Herod, who slaughtered all the baby boys aged two and under (trying to kill the child Messiah who had been born in Bethlehem), was somehow made king of Israel. He was a false king, and Jesus was the true king

Herod fell under the influence of the “blessing” given to his ancestor Esau. He fulfilled prophecy when he “lived by his sword” and ultimately “served” the Messiah that he was trying to kill. Jesus was — IS — a direct descendant of Jacob (a.k.a. ISRAEL).

Fast forward to modern times. Though many of the individuals in the Middle East who oppose the nation of Israel’s existence don’t truly know their ancestry at this point in time, we can be sure that many of them have Esau at the root of their family tree. Their attacks on Israel fulfill prophecy that foretold enmity between the descendants of Esau and those of Jacob.

The rest of them are likely descendants of ISHMAEL, the firstborn son of Abram. But that’s a story for another time….

May God bless you today so that you can be a blessing to others!

NHIM, Paula