“The Trump Prophecies” (2017)

When my mother asked me, “Have you read The Trump Prophecies” yet?” I thought it was just another book by someone who thought they had heard from God regarding the 2016 election. But it turns out, this book is phenomenal. I urge you to get a copy and enjoy the absolutely incredible testimonies of fireman Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, a forthright woman of God.

I will give you one hint with the hope that it will make you curious enough read the book: God can use anyone or anything He chooses to convey His messages — even the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby … and a horse named “Creator.”

Here’s one link to buy The Trump Prophecieshttps://www.amazon.com/Trump-Prophecies-Astonishing-Tomorrow-Coming/dp/0998142670

When you get through reading, you’ll understand why I placed this post underneath “Jubilee Jolts” in my sidebar of Prophecy Connections contents!

NHIM, Paula