September 13, 2015: Borders “fall” on last day of Shemitah!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015
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When we first released our video, Shemitah Exposed on July 14th we said that we expected major crisis events to begin and possibly right on the exact Shemitah end-date of September 13th (today, as of this writing).  We mentioned that the last two major stock market collapses happened on the end-date of the Shemitah in 2008 and 2001 and also stated that since this Shemitah end-date was on a Sunday that no financial market collapse would happen on the 13th but that something would likely happen if the pattern continued.  In the meantime, over 20 stock markets have collapsed including China and the Dow had its biggest intraday point drop of over 1,100 points since.

I made my initial call about Shemitah economic and socio-political chaos in mid-July. But, today is the last day of the Shemitah – the end-day – and something major just happened: The Eurozone basically collapsed.

The day started fairly quietly.  But within hours reports of border closings were being reported throughout Europe.  And it’s not just Europe (as we’ll discuss below). Please note, Eurocrats didn’t HAVE to make these changes today.

Why September 13th? Because it’s a Sunday? Or because it’s the Shemitah end-day?

It began brewing in the last few weeks.  Hungary began closing its borders in the last few weeks (after only having re-opened them in May 1989 marking the beginning of the end of the Cold War).  And, France began to step up checks near its Italian border, Denmark closed their border with Germany last week and Austrian police began mounting operations on roads from Hungary.

And then today, Germany has closed its borders to Austria.

AP Germany Closes Borders To Austria The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick

Within hours, the Czech Republic announced border checks on its border with Austria.

Czech borders closed The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick Shemitah

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal just released an article, “Migrants Stream Into Hungary as Fence Rises on Serbian Border“.  The fence, which you can see at the top of our article, is being rapidly rolled out on the Hungarian/Serbian border and border controls are expected to be implemented by September 15th.

And we have just received word from sources on the ground in Italy that, “The Italians already were warned up north in provinces like Bolzano, Friuli and Veneto that the border with Slovenia was going to be closed VERY soon as the border guards were told a LONG time ago.”

And, in northern Europe, Stockholm and Copenhagen traded barbs after the Danish authorities allowed refugees to leave for Sweden without proper documents leading to a possible border crackdown in Sweden.

It’s been quite a day.

The UK’s Guardian just released an article, “Germany border crackdown deals blow to Schengen system.

The article states, “Germany’s decision to re-establish national border controls on its southern frontier with Austria deals a telling blow to two decades of open travel in the 26-nation bloc known as the Schengen area.”

All in one day, the Shemitah end-day in which we said there may be a major crisis/event. And now  it appears the Eurozone and Shengen system of borderless travel is hanging by a thread.

One has to wonder how the European stock markets and the euro currency itself will react on Monday to news that the Eurozone may have dissipated over the weekend.  We’ll find out soon enough and will be watching it closely here.

But, it’s not just in Europe…


In the last week Venezuela closed its borders to Colombia.

People carrying their household belongings across the Táchira River that separates Venezuela from the city of Cúcuta, Colombia, last month. PHOTO: ELIECER MANTILLA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

People carrying their household belongings across the Táchira River that separates Venezuela from the city of Cúcuta, Colombia, last month. PHOTO: ELIECER MANTILLA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

And then, again, just today, on September 13th, as we had predicted, there are reports that Thailand has closed its borders to “visa runners” to Cambodia.

Thailand Cambodia Border Closed The Dollar Vigilante Shemitah

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Mexico announced it is tightening controls at the American border to stem the tide of “criminals” and a surge of Americans running to Mexico and a major “illegal immigrant” problem of Americans staying as undocumented illegals in Mexico.  All this while Donald Trump stirs up xenophobia in the US to build a wall across the entire continent… a wall that we have always contended, along with Ron Paul, that is designed to eventually keep Americans in.


Meanwhile TDV Immigration, a provider of residency and citizenship opportunities stated, “We’ve seen countries worldwide clamp down on allowing foreigners to get residency and citizenship.  The Dominican Republic has gone from requiring a three year, to four year, then seven and now eight year residency requirement for citizenship and when we asked some of the top lawyers on the island why they responded ‘Due to pressure from the US government’.”

TDV Immigration sources stated, “We’ve seen countries freeze their immigration/naturalization process even in recent months.  The only clients we are currently accepting and having any success with are what you would call the extremely wealthy.  And, we’ve received a flood of millionaire and billionaire clients in the Middle East practically offering any amount of money if we can get them citizenship outside of the Middle East.  Demand has exploded and supply has nearly frozen.”

They continued, “There are still a few options for foreign residency and naturalization available to the non-wealthy but I would advise people to proceed immediately.  It seems like options are quickly running out.”


We have been warning for years this was coming.  And we even picked today’s date as possibly being the beginning of the end of a New World Order technocratic government takeover… one that was exemplified in the Trans-Pacific Partnership as we wrote here.  

As we pointed out in our Shemitah Exposed video, we expected September 13 to mark the beginning, but not the end, of a massive crisis period and eventual collapse of the world order as we know it today.  We’ve reported on capital controls being put in place for years now, not least of which was the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which has limited the ability of Americans to even open up a bank account outside of the US (although there are still options… but we wouldn’t wait much longer to act… TDV Offshore can help).

We continue to offer a special “Survive Shemitah” package which can give you real-time information, advice and analysis on not only how to survive the coming crises but prosper through them.  In the next issue we’ll be telling subscribers how to get their funds outside of the current financial system and still have access to their funds even if/when bank closures and bail-ins continue.

The New World Order corporate technocracy is being assembled and put in place..

These technocrats know best of course – for you! Increasingly your freedom of movement and your freedom to move money is being challenged…  and eventually it will be shut down. They engineered this “immigration crisis” via unnecessary wars in the Middle East. And now they’re engineering the solution. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Jeff Berwick

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