Welcome to Prophecy Connections!

As I write this, we are over half-way through 2017 — 5777 on the Hebrew calendar. I’ve been going through my posts, and I can see that some go back to 2011. It’s difficult to comprehend that I’ve been maintaining this blog for 6+ years.

What have I learned to this point? Well, for one thing, I now know that just because America experienced a mind-blowing attack in 2001, it’s not an absolute that we will be attacked again … within a month … within a year … within 10 years. My sense of urgency is not as great as it has been previously.

I’ve learned that the reason I believe in God — not Allah, but the Lord God — is because I can prove that He exists. He has shown us in the Bible, in connection with history and with archaeology, that He has been and still is moving to draw as many people as possible into His kingdom before He finally allows Revelation 6:12 through 22:5 to play out. That includes a period of 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-6) that is yet to come.

I’ve learned who THE TRUE ENEMY really is: Satan (and his minions). And I’m aware (to a point) of those who are behind the “shadow government” that currently haunts the Trump administration. But I also know who ultimately wins the battle between good and evil (Revelation 20:10-15). The photo you see in the header of this page is just one example of seemingly impossible DNA connections that most people are unaware of, which lurk within the genetics of many famous people.

I’ve learned that tenets of every RELIGION are very different from (and often in opposition to) what is actually necessary to develop a true RELATIONSHIP with the Creator (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). And yet there are true believers within most every religion whose hearts are as pure as was that of King David, whom the Lord loved.

I’ve learned that JESUS is the KEY that opens an individual’s understanding of TRUTH.

All of this is what Prophecy Connections is about. I invite you to share in my journey of discovery and faith. Right now, I’m reorganizing and merging this blog with my book blog.  Waiting for help from a WordPress “happiness engineer.”