63. Breach In Security

“The ship’s place is in the sea,
 but God pity the ship
 when the sea gets into it.”
— Author Unknown


Occasionally I dream that I am homeless. The dream seems so real when I’m virtually caught up in it that it has an eerie feel. Fearful. Uncertain. Unprotected. The odd thing – obviously, the whole dream thing is odd – is not that I’m without basic provisions, like food, a change of clothing, and no convenient place to go to the bathroom. It’s the absence of walls.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve had no need for walls because they had no enemies. It was unnecessary to encase themselves in a manmade box called a “house” because they were gifted with divine safety. They didn’t even have to be afraid of hungry animals, because the animals were all vegetarians!

 Along with that sense of security, the couple enjoyed complete freedom. There was no need to worry about anything. They were free to make choices, and they had no psychotic tendencies that could turn their free will into willfully harmful behavior. They had a Protector who generously lavished them with prosperity … and with love.

But they took for granted all that they’d been given. They made a naïve choice to disrespect the Source of their blessings and go with a different security system that offered attractive “bells and whistles” not included in the original plan. Their supernatural retaining wall, which had kept evil out, was instantly punctured. The dyke sprang a leak. Suddenly there was a gap, an opening, a breach in the wall that had been invisibly protecting them.

Then they were on their own. The realization that there was now a need for walls was frightening … overwhelming. But the Source of everything they had known before was not absent. He was still present and available. And even though communication with Him was not as convenient as it had been before their disobedience, the Protector was absolutely capable of creating invisible barriers between His loved ones and their newly acquired enemies – “terrorists,” if you will.

Where did those enemies come from? As I scratch my rusty helmet, I have to say again, “I don’t know.” But after reading The Harbinger, I understand it is naïve to think that a supernatural wall of protection was not created around the tiny, fledgling nation that we call “America” on the day it was consecrated by its first official President. But, of course, we humans want proof of its existence. We assume that if we can’t see it or touch it then the security that we enjoy must be of our own making. As a country, we become cocky and arrogant and claim superiority among the nations of the world.

So, our Protector must send tangible warnings to show us – collectively – who is really in charge. Deuteronomy 28 – God’s “constitution” for His chosen people –detailed the blessings and the curses originally promised to the nation of Israel. Our Almighty Father is merciful beyond our comprehension, so rather than annihilating us, He patiently reminds us what can happen to an honored nation when a breach occurs in the invisible wall of His safekeeping.

There are currently only two nations that fall into that category: Israel … and America.


“I looked for a man among them who would build up a wall
and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land
so I would not have to destroy it,
but I found none.”

— The Word of the Lord (Ezekiel 22:30)



Think about ways in which the walls around you can be breached – sometimes even without your knowledge. Turn to Ephesians 6:10-18 and carefully review the pieces of spiritual armor that are available to those who respect the Lord God and trust Him for their earthly and eternal protection.