50. Unexplainable Interventions

“Learn of the philosophers always to look
 for natural causes in extraordinary events;
 and when such natural causes are wanting,
recur to God.”
—  Count de Gabalis


We were both sound asleep when the alarm went off. Our home fire alarm system is so shrill when it is triggered that it’s impossible to ignore. But in our sleepy stupors we could not identify the annoying sound, so Chuck and I were flailing around to shut off the alarm clock, pull plugs from the wall … anything to make the piercing noise stop!

I sat up in bed and immediately thought of our granddaughters, asleep in other parts of the house. Then I listened more carefully. Something about the sound was different. It reminded me of a punctured aerosol can. But what could it be?

Chuck was still reaching behind his nightstand, trying to fully wake up. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. Our dog (a 65-pound shepherd mix) was crouched near me, barking at something by the wall, just beyond Chuck’s outstretched fingers.

Then I realized, it was a snake – a rattlesnake – and it was a BIG one! That was the noise we heard, blended in with the fire alarm’s piercing warning.

I yelled at Chuck and grabbed Shiloh’s collar. By that time, Tim and Lisa were in our room to find out what was going on. Chuck pulled back the nightstand and began trying to figure out what to do next. I dragged Shiloh into the hallway just outside our bedroom, so I can’t tell you what happened next or how my husband managed to catch and kill the snake.

That’s my story. And now it’s our story, so I’m hoping you won’t have nightmares as a result of hearing about it. But here’s the amazing part. When it was all over, we realized that the fire alarm had stopped. Chuck and Tim searched the house to see if they could determine what had set it off – or even more puzzling, what had caused it to stop!

The four of us tried to think back through all the commotion to when we had last heard the alarm and when we had been able to separate it from the rattling sound. We determined that the alarm stopped shortly after I discovered the snake. To this day, we can’t say how it was triggered or why it shut off!

That serpent should have struck at Chuck’s groping hand; it should have killed our dog, who’d been lying under the bed – but it didn’t. The only thing that makes sense to us is that we were protected by the Holy Spirit, or maybe an angel.

Snakes can lay coiled in unexpected places. That’s what I continue to find when researching the Merovingian bloodline. The alleged family tree of Jesus and Mary Magdalene has documented connections to the establishment of the Knights Templar, after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 A.D.

Legends were told of the Knights’ activities. They were supposedly organized to protect Christians on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. But conspiracy theory has it that their purpose was to find the fabulous Temple treasures that were rumored to have been hidden by priests in catacombs and caves beneath the city, before the Romans invaded Jerusalem. Apparently the Knights were successful, because they became so unexplainably wealthy that they were able to set up an international banking system – a possible precursor to the modern-day World Bank.

According to the extensive research of Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Templars lent money to destitute monarchs across Europe and to “certain Muslim potentates” as well. They instituted the use of promissory notes and complex codes, known today as checks. And they became the prime money changers of the age – the center of European finance, extending into the Middle East.

Unfortunately for the Knights Templar, their great wealth and rising political influence caught the attention of the religious elite, who became obsessed with acquisitioning the treasure of the Temple for the holy Roman Church. That power grab resulted in one of the most horrifying periods in European history, “the Inquisition.” Thousands of innocent people were tortured and sentenced to brutal deaths as the Catholic Church sought to punish “heretics” – men, women and children who were accused of disobeying and defying religious laws established by various popes, kings, and councils.

In 1314 Jacque de Molay, grand master of the Templars was captured and executed – I’ll spare you the details – and as many of the Knights as possible were rounded up and hung. However, the documents that had condemned the organization were not taken seriously in Scotland, so it’s likely that many of the French and English Templars escaped to that country for protection.

It is believed that after 400 years of maintaining the group underground, the Knights Templar developed into what is now called the Scottish Rite. The group is surrounded by an aura of mystique. A few off-shoot Masonic lodges have adopted the Templar name and perform rituals which they claim were passed down through the generations from the original order. Their young men’s DeMolay Society was named after the 14th century Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Some would say that serpents are coiled in the uppermost echelons of the “freemasons” at the top of a pyramid-like organizational structure. Their activities are unknown to the majority of Masonic adherents functioning below them, who simply enjoy the camaraderie of meetings and seek to perform good deeds within their communities.

The identities of the global elite members are fiercely guarded and have an ominous designation – “The Illuminati.”


“Many will follow their shameful ways
and will bring the way of truth to disrepute.”

(2 Peter 2:2)



Some religions do not allow their followers to research other belief systems for fear they might start thinking for themselves and asking questions. The leaders of those spiritual bodies don’t want their faithful disciples to challenge the tenets that have been taught as truth for generations. If you belong to a church like this, understand that its foundation may not be built on Jesus, the Rock, but rather on shifting sand. Turn to Matthew 7:24-29 and read what Jesus had to say about that.