49. Satan: The Defeated Foe

“Time never takes time off.”
—  Augustine of Hippo


We became a “blended” family in 2003 – Tim, Lisa, Selah (one year old at the time), Chuck and myself. The house we purchased to accommodate our needs was a huge fixer-upper, and proved to be even more dilapidated than we were originally led to believe.

For two years, Chuck and I lived in a large room behind the kitchen and laundry area. That was okay, but we were used to having more privacy. So in 2005 we added an apartment area that has become known as the “West Wing.” Our former bedroom was  the classroom for homeschool, until 2015, when it became Tim and Lisa’s bedroom. Selah and Jessa now reside in two combined bedrooms at the back of the house.

When the addition was nearly completed, we went shopping for bedroom furniture. As soon as I walked into the store, something unique caught my eye – a little pine bench, about a foot high and two feet long, with the words TIME OUT burned into the wooden backrest. Selah was 3 1/2 and her baby sister, Jessa, had just recently joined us, so I said to their grandpa, “Papa, I think there may come a day when we will need that little bench.”

The “Time Out” bench proved to be one of our most useful pieces of furniture. The girls eventually outgrew it. But toward the end of its usefulness, Jessa would find herself there from time to time, to think about behavior that had earned her one minute of solitude per year of her age. I am proud to say that her bouts of anger are abating as she gets older. The little “Time Out” bench is now stored in the garage attic.

I wonder how many people are aware of the fact that Satan will one day have to endure a “time out.” The revelation of Jesus Christ – which was given to show us what will take place in the future – clearly states that after God’s wrath falls upon all who remain on Earth after the rapture of the Church, Satan will be thrown into a place called the Abyss, or as the King James Version puts it, “the bottomless pit.”

Scripture says the pit will be locked and sealed for 1000 years – “the millenium.” Revelation 20:3 explains the reason: “… to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore “until the thousand years were ended.” After that, according to the revelation, “he must be set free for a short time” to provoke the nations. (They will still be around after yet another millennium!) Then they will surround Jerusalem, “the city that God loves,” and once again – as has happened so many times in the past – they will threaten God’s people who will be living there at that time.

But Scripture promises that God will send fire from heaven, and then the devil will be thrown into a lake filled with burning sulfur … THE END. Right?

Nope. That’s when the dead will be judged and given their due rewards or punishment. And then it’s THE END?

Actually, it’s just the beginning – the new beginning, when the earth and the heavens will be made new again, and the dwelling of God will be with men. Just like in the beginning, before sin contaminated the world.

Wow. There apparently isn’t any end to what a kid can contemplate while sitting on time out.


“… but he who stands firm to the end

will be saved.”

(Matthew 24:13)



How many times have you come to “the end” of something challenging, only to find that you’re really just beginning? The book of Revelation is filled with symbolic descriptions of future events that can make you wonder where we’re headed in the prophetic scheme of things. Make time to read through it and get head start on the next chapter.