39. Saber Rattling

 “Weak things united
 become strong.”
— Thomas Fuller


Just before Christmas in 2009, I got a phone call from my nephew, Matt. He wanted to speak to our family about a vision that the Lord had given him, and he asked if he could do that after dinner at our Christmas Day gathering. Of course I was fascinated and eager to hear more.

Chuck and I have a large extended family with usually around 35 to 40 guests for the December holiday potluck at our home each year, so our family room was packed with people who wanted to hear what Matt had to say. He explained that he had recently felt a burden from the Lord to reach people who have never heard about Jesus or His message of salvation. Matt challenged us as a family to get the word out to our friends and come together monthly to share ideas on how we might accomplish that goal.

Our first meeting was on January 31, 2010, less than one month before the devastating tsunami that changed the landscape of Haiti and killed thousands of people. Our first course of action was to help missionaries in our area who were planning to travel there and help with the relief efforts. We prayed and raised money in various ways, like a community garage sale that we all contributed to in one way or another. We let the people who stopped by know that 100% of the money they spent would be helping to support a couple who would be involved in hands on ministry in Haiti. So, our customers were quite generous!

That was all well and good, but we weren’t exactly meeting the goal that Family Faith In Motion had originally decided on, since there were already missionaries working in that part of the world. So we continued to pray for more influence with people who had not yet been reached.

At one of the gatherings, we learned about something amazing — a little machine that could be programmed to tell Bible stories in several thousand different languages. We discovered that the creator’s organization, Global Recordings Network, had one of its headquarters in a nearby city.

A number of our members volunteered to help out and spent time at GRN learning about how they are impacting the world for Christ. They discovered that we could pay for the research that would be necessary to translate the Gospel into a new language. People who had never heard the Good News would be able to do so in their native tongue. So we once again pooled our resources and contributed enough money to “buy” two languages that would be used to reach people in two tiny countries on the southwest coast of Africa!

Not long after that, the Holy Spirit connected me, through Facebook, with a young man named Paul in Kenya. After corresponding with Paul for over a year, he shared with me his desire to travel to Uganda and Rwanda to take the Gospel to remote villages in those countries. Family Faith In Motion decided to sponsor his trip and provide one of the little Saber machines for him to take with him. GRN downloaded over a dozen dialects so that Paul could communicate his message in a way that would be easily understood! Then we prayed for provision, protection and good health for our “avatar” in Africa.

Paul had some amazing stories to share with us via email messages from the mission field. So, though we could not travel to that area of the world ourselves, we were blessed beyond measure to have taken part in helping to reach many who actually heard the Word, received it gladly, and were discovering what relationship with Jesus is all about.

Our family group and the little “Saber” translator proved to be a powerful “weapon” against spiritual ignorance in one small area of Africa!


“The body is a unit
though it is made up of many parts;
and though all its parts are many, they form one body.
So it is with Christ.”

(1 Corinthians 12:12)



Send an email to Paul Masidza at bromasidza@yahoo.com. Introduce yourself and ask about specific ways in which you might pray for him. Tell him “Mum Pau” suggested that you write, and remember that he doesn’t have regular online access, so be patient while waiting for a reply!