Do you KNOW Jesus?

By Paula Yingst

Jesus was not known by Old Testament prophets, yet they foretold His coming and many details about His conception, birth, life, ministry, arrest, death, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. The Bible studies under this category were written with the hope that individuals who have never had an opportunity to learn about Jesus during their childhoods, teenage experiences, and for many even their adult years, might find a comfortable place to begin.

I also had in mind individuals who if asked, “Do you know Jesus?” would immediately say, ” Yes,” or “Of course, I went to Sunday school as a kid!” That’s because I was one of those children who spent a lot of time in church, learning Bible stories from teachers who used flannel graph visuals and handed out worksheets to get the point across.

As I grew up, I became one of the gifted souls with a heart for teaching and a yearning to write. Eventually the Holy Spirit led me into the Christian education publishing industry where I learned to create curriculum for children, tweens and teens. So I’ve spent the last 3+ decades digging into God’s Word and examining the multi-faceted verses and stories and personal life testimonies that showed me something I’d never thought about on my own.

There is a “crimson thread” that runs through every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, which ties together all of the fragmented bits and pieces that can seem so incredibly confusing, incomprehensible, and overwhelming to many lay folk. That thread is like the plot of a novel, which holds all of the chapters together from beginning to end.

The difference? God’s Word has been written by many authors of varying educational backgrounds and intellect, occupations and insights into conflicting cultures and social systems. It’s all about life, death, and salvation that leads to eternity with the Creator, Jesus — three basics that many people disagree about at this moment in the 21st Century.

So, all that aside, let’s dig into what Scripture says about Jesus of Nazareth. Prepare for surprises and some AHA! moments, as you open your Bible and follow along.


“But what about you?

Who do you say am?”

— Jesus

(Matthew 16:15)